Kylie Jenner steps out with daughter Stormi.

Stormi Has A Garage For Her Toy Cars, & I Am Irrationally Jealous

Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott haven't been shy about flaunting their luxury cars through the years, and it looks Stormi has inherited their passion for automobiles. At 2 years old, Stormi's got some sweet rides. They may be miniature versions of the real deal, but these photos of Stormi's toy car garage are so impressive.

Jenner showed off her daughter's numerous toy cars on her Instagram story, and it became immediately clear Stormi was not working with your average toddler toy collection. The tot has so many ride-on vehicles stacked up in her garage, including motor scooters, wagons, and convertible sports cars.

First up, Jenner shared a video of Stormi excitedly running up to one car, a green mini-Mercedes. With the car's license plate spelling out "Stormi" across the front, there was no mistake who it belonged to. Then, Jenner panned to Stormi riding a motorized scooter that was completely decked out in Disney's Frozen decals.

From there, the car mania continued. Stormi had a blue mini 4-wheeler tucked away in the garage, as well as a bubble gum pink convertible sports car. Of course, the trusty red wagon she breaks out with Chicago West from time to time was in the garage as well.

Even Jenner is well aware of how over-the-top her daughter's car collection is. "She's too cool for me," she wrote on one of the posts.

You can see Jenner's posts featuring Stormi's car collection below.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

This was the first full garage tour Jenner has given, but fans already knew Stormi was harboring some impressive rides at home. In December 2018, when she was just an infant, Stormi received a stunning toy Lamborghini from mama Jenner for Christmas. The mini Lambo was no cheap gift, either. The toy car retailed on Amazon for $389. That same holiday, Stormi also received a mini red ferrari.

It'll be more than a decade before Stormi goes to get her real-car license, but when it comes time to buy an actual car, she'll have a wealth of inspiration.