These Photos Of #QuarantineCats will help you beat the self-isolation blues.

These Photos Of Cats Keeping Their Owners Company During Quarantine Are Too Cute

by Daffany Chan
Kseniya Ovchinnikova/Moment/Getty Images

Humans aren't the only ones coping with quarantine as they practice social distancing in an effort to halt the spread of coronavirus — the internet is buzzing with pet owners sharing snaps of their furry friends during the period of self-isolation. The hilarious kittens are getting so much love that the hashtag #QuarantineCats was trending on Twitter on Monday, March 16. If you don't have a feline pal keeping you company, check out these photos #QuarantineCats as a little pick-me-up.

Many people are adjusting to changes in their routine while the CDC recommends self-isolation and social distancing to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Whether it's working from home or catching up on Netflix shows, there are various ways self-isolationists are coping with the disruption to daily life — and plenty of furry friends are along for the ride, too. Some pet owners went so far as to deem their cats their new co-workers, while others featured them practicing their own feline version of social distancing. Here are adorable photos of #QuarantineCats to cheer you up.

This cat knows who's boss.

With owners constantly around the house now, some whiskered buddies are missing their alone time.

Other kittens are loving all the extra attention they're getting.

It's only day two of quarantine for Fez the cat, and he's already had enough of it.

Meanwhile, some furry friends don't have a care in the world.

If you're missing the office, don't forget you can always turn your cats into your surrogate coworkers.

Staying at home means more snuggle time with cute kittens.

Harry the cat is taking feline self-quarantine to the next level by hiding in this big cardboard box.

These two feline friends are still getting a grasp on social distancing.

This grumpy cat isn't enjoying the extra hygiene precaution his owner is taking.

Though being stuck at home may be difficult, don't forget that you can always depend on feline friends to bring a smile to your face.

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