The Pences Have Such A Different Romantic Vibe Than The Bidens & I'm Captivated

by Chelsea Stewart
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When many of us think about famous romances, politicians and their partners usually don't come to mind. (Well, except for people like Barack and Michelle Obama or Donald and Melania Trump, of course.) But I wanna talk about vice presidents and their wives for a sec. VPs and second ladies like, say, Mike and Karen Pence and Joe and Jill Biden? The photos of the Pences versus the Bidens, for example, show that perhaps these couples really do deserve more of our attention, because let me tell you, I'm captivated.

In case it wasn't already clear, Joe Biden and Mike Pence are two very different vice presidents. Pence has opposed gay marriage (even suggesting reinstating Don't Ask Don't Tell, which excluded openly LGBTQ+ people from the military), and he's also strongly opposed to abortion rights, for instance. But Biden is the opposite: he's a strong supporter of gay rights, as well as a devout champion for women's rights.

The political comparisons are endless, honestly. But it seems like they're just as different in private as they are in public, because these two men even appear to share some drastic differences when it comes to their personal lives. For one, there's a lot of weirdness surrounding the Pences: the vice president is rumored to refer to his wife as "Mother." He also doesn't dine alone with any woman who isn't Karen, and he won't even attend events featuring alcohol if she's not around. But the Bidens appear to be a lot less stern, with Jill even making a penis joke about her husband during a campaign event back in 2012. (Joe, in the background, appeared to appreciate the laughs.)

The circumstances in which both men met their wives are even dramatically different. Pence met Karen through a chance encounter at church in 1983, tying the knot just two years later. But Biden and Jill met in 1975 following the death of his first wife, who passed away in a car accident three years prior. And when he did propose, he had to do so five times before she finally accepted, according toVogue, and the pair said "I do" in 1977. (Talk about tough love.)

I've done some digging around to find photos that convey exactly what I mean in regards to their differences, and I'm sure you'll agree with me once you take a look.

Joe & Jill Biden Got Close At The Save the Children Illumination Gala
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Jill, the board chair of Save the Children — an organization that advocates for children's rights — and Biden attended the 5th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala at the American Museum of Natural History on October 18, 2017. Jill was photographed gently resting her head against Biden's chest as he smiled into the camera gleefully. And as happy as Jill and Biden look here, you probably wouldn't have ever guessed they were at a work-related event. If you ask me, it looks like there's no other place they'd rather have been.

Mike & Karen Pence Were Formal At President Donald Trump's First State Dinner
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And on the other hand, we have the Pences. The two don't appear to be as openly intimate as the Bidens, but they're still pretty darn cute.

For example, on April 24, President Donald Trump held his first state dinner, with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte in attendance as the guests of honor. Pence sported a classic black tux while Karen opted for a black lace off-the-shoulder dress, and you've gotta admit: aside from Pence's rigid posture, they look ethereal.

Joe & Jill Biden Brought The Romance At The Public Inaugural Ball
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OMG, I wasn't ready! My heart! *swoons*

The two joined each other for a dance during the Public Inaugural Ball back in January 2013, where Jill was photographed wrapping her arms around Biden, as he planted a sweet kiss on her cheek. Doesn't look like much of a dance to me (not that I'm complaining), but that may be for good reason.

According to Marie Claire, Biden once said: "I may not be able to dance, but I sure like holding her."

Karen Pence... Tried To Bring The Romance At The CPAC Gathering
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In contrast, when Karen appeared to attempt to pack on the PDA during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Gathering on Feb. 22 Pence (seemingly uncomfortable) wrapped his hands around hers instead as if saying "not here, honey!"

Hey, public displays of affection can be weird, especially at an event where attendees discuss a political agenda. I don't blame him.

Joe & Jill Biden Supported Each Other At A Press Conference In the White House's Rose Garden
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Although Biden was on his way to the Rose Garden to announce that he wouldn't be seeking the presidency on Oct. 21, 2015, seeing them share a moment of intimacy nearly took many of our minds off the news. Jill was spotted holding on to her man's hand as he escorted her to the garden, and um, can you say: #ChivalryGoals?

Mike & Karen Pence Looked Cheerful At The 2018 PyeongChang Games
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While these two were on their way to Pyeongtaek, South Korea on Feb. 8, they appeared to be in all smiles. (Well, Karen was, at least.) Pence was there to lead the United States delegation in the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and, of course, brought his boo along for the trip. Despite the smile, there's an air of formality to them that's a little surprising, based on what Pence has said about his wife in the past.

Although it's hard to tell Pence's feelings based on his facial expressions, during a 2013 interview as he was gearing up to move into the governor's residence in Indiana, Pence shared some loving words about getting to spend time with Karen. "She's the best part of my life," he said. "Everything we do in public life, we do together. I can't imagine it any other way."


Either way, PDA or no PDA, I'm sure both couples have undying love and chemistry with each other. And that's all that matters.