Lil Xan & Noah Cyrus Both Lost This VMA, But They Still Showered The Carpet With PDA

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You know what they say: All is fair in love and war. Luckily, if tonight is indeed a battlefield, these two have both won big. The photos of Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus at the 2018 VMAs prove that despite neither artist taking home a VMA, their love makes them both winners. This newly announced couple were both nominated for Push Artist of the Year, an award that honors artists slated to be the "next big thing." The nomination put the two lovers in competition, despite the fact that their music exists within two separate genres. However, it was Hayley Kiyoko who ended up taking home the prize. And even though Cyrus and Lil Xan were pitted against each other as onstage rivals, offstage, the couple remains cute and supportive AF.

Miley's little sister and the Soundcloud rapper have been making headlines for months with their steamy summer romance. The two have been posting photos of each other all over Instagram, not to mention gushing about their connection on the red carpet. So how did these two lovebirds meet? In the words of acclaimed poet Yo Gotti, it went down in the DMs. "Xan slid into the DMs. It works people," Cyrus recently said in an interview with E! News at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. "Actually, it didn't work. He DMed me like in February and I didn't see it for months and then I saw that he was following me and I was like, 'Lil Xan, cool, he's following me. I'll follow him back.' And then I saw his DM and we're just hanging out making music."

You heard it here, folks: Make sure you're checking your message requests on Instagram, because you really never know who may be trying to contact you. For all you know, you could be one click away from meeting your soulmate.

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The two certainly had a lot to bond over: Both artists are at the beginning of seemingly bright and budding music careers. There's nothing like a beautiful melody to bring two people together, and these guys know that better than most. On Aug. 20, Cyrus and Lil Xan dropped their first ever song together, called "Live Or Die," and if you ask me, the lyrics perfectly showcase the couple's chemistry together:

Pre-Chorus - Noah: On our way to the sky / We're gonna look down on tonight / When we die, you and I / Two heartbreak soldiers / When you lay by my side / I see the whole world through your eyes / Ride or die, you and I
Second Half of First Verse - Lil Xan: Weather changes with my mood, it never really stays the same / And one plus one is two, and without you I think I'd go insane / And what you think? Pause, let it sink in / They threw me in and now I'm drowning in the deep end / If I'm religious, you're the one that I believe in / You've been here with me to help me fight all my demons
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By dating Cyrus, Lil Xan is practically entering a family of music royalty. Between dad Billy Ray, sister Miley, and brother Trace — who once served as a founding member of the band Metro Station — there's no lack of knowledge when it comes to the industry where the Cyruses are concerned. So how does this musical monarchy feel about Lil Xan? "My family wants whatever makes me happy and I'm so happy," Noah told E! News, while reportedly grinning from ear to ear. "This is my face at all times." Sounds like a match made in music heaven.

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