These Rad Rams Manicures Will Help You Support Your Fave Team Year 'Round

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In just a few days it'll be time to grab the chicken wings, grab your friends, and indulge in the annual sporting spectacle that is the Super Bowl. For those of you in Los Angeles (or those of you that support their team), photos of cute Rams nail art might be just what you need to take your super fan status to a whole other level. You've got the jersey, you've got the hat, you've got the foam finger, and you've got the temporary face tattoos—why not add manicure to the ways you rock your team spirit?

On Sunday, the Rams will face off with the New England Patriots, who, let's be real, have had more than their fair share of Super Bowl wins as of late. Yes, they're skilled and yes, Tom Brady is basically an IRL adonis but it's been 19 years since the Rams have won the Super Bowl so it's definitely their time. If you agree, then make an appointment at your salon stat and get ready to have your nails decked out in white, blue, and gold, which are the Rams' traditional team colors. They also happen to be colors that pair excellently with denim so the manicure will be a win/ win. In some exciting news, the Rams will be bringing back the uniforms that they wore during their 2000 Super Bowl win for the game this Sunday, which boast hues of bright blue and marigold yellow. They're a fun and bold departure from their typical game day uniforms which feature more muted tones and make for even better nail art inspiration.

Whether you want to go more deconstructed and artistic with your manicure or you want to channel the Rams in very literal style, let the below ideas serve up some sporty inspiration.

This manicure is a nod to the Rams' Super Bowl jerseys thanks to its bright yellow and blue hues. I love that this doesn't scream sports but rather channels the team in a more subtle, yet equally festive way.

If your motto is more is more, why not go for a manicure like this one, which is all kinds of shiny and detailed? From nails painted to look like metallic footballs to those emblazoned with "LA", it's team spirit at its best.

Nail decals are an excellent way to apply your team's logo with ultimate precision. You can buy 30 Rams decals for $2.50 on Etsy, so there's no reason not to give them a try. Apply them on top of a navy manicure and seal them in with a top coat, or choose one or two nails to house them on like above and give others a super glittery treatment. Either way you'll have a winning look.

Here's another idea for if logos and fingernail footballs aren't your thing. Navy and gold is a classic color combination, so get a little creative and play with ways you can intertwine them via nail art. This manicure features a 3/4 navy, 1/4 natural nail with a gold half circle cutting through both shades. Why not make the gold detail swirl to look like a Ram's horn for an extra spirited version?