Oreo Released New "Love" Cookies That Have Cute Messages & Millennial Pink Creme

Courtesy of Oreo

Now that the holidays are over, the season of love is almost upon us. (Yes, I'm referring to Valentine's Day.) It looks like Nabisco is celebrating the romance a little early this year, because the company released new Love Oreo Cookies on Jan. 2. Based off the product's cute packaging and pink aesthetic, I wouldn't be surprised if people started replacing traditional boxes of chocolates with these cookies. Before I put any ideas into your head, though, you should probably know more about the brand new flavor.

First, let's talk about the way it tastes. Unlike the Oreo Cookies that you grew up dunking into milk, the new Love Oreo Cookies feature creme that tastes "sweet and tangy." Therefore, if you like sugary snacks with a kick, you'll probably enjoy 'em. What makes the new creme even better is that it's pink-hued (!!!). Heck, some might even say that it's millennial pink. The Oreo wafers, on the other hand, don't have a unique flavor or color. Instead, they're the traditional chocolate sandwich cookies that you know and love.

I don't know about you, but I think chocolate Oreo wafers encasing "sweet and tangy" pink creme sounds like a delicious snack leading up to Valentine's Day.

Courtesy of Oreo

Based off the package (seen above), the Love Oreo Cookies feature four cute designs engraved into the chocolate wafers. The design that's featured on the main cookie says, "DUNK IN LOVE," which is basically begging for a tall glass of milk. Elite Daily reached out to Oreo and inquired about the other designs, and the company responded with the following sayings: "Let's Twist," "XOXO OREO," and "Dear Cupid Send OREO." Pretty cute, right? I'm a sucker for cute sayings, so I'm all about these new cookies.

If you also like the designs and are hoping to buy a package of the Love Oreo Cookies, you're in luck. These romantic treats are available at retailers nationwide wherever Oreo Cookies are sold. Luckily, one of those stores is Target. If you're hoping to order a pack online, you can visit Target's website and score a package of Love Oreo Cookies for $2.99.

Don't wait too long to buy a pack, though — because they're only available for a limited time, per Oreo. Elite Daily reached out to Oreo to see if they'll still be around for Valentine's Day, and the company confirmed that they will be around for the holiday.

If you'd rather avoid the season of love altogether, you can opt for another new Oreo flavor that was released on Jan. 2. I'm talking about Carrot Cake Oreos, which are permanent additions to the Oreo flavor family. The new cookies taste like — you guessed it — carrot cake, complete with cream cheese frosting-flavored creme in the center. TBH, I'd totally opt for a handful of 'em instead of a slice of cake.

Regardless of which new Oreo flavor you choose, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Both sound like delicious desserts that'll help kick off your new year on a sweet note.