Oreo's New Carrot Cake Cookies Come Complete With A Cream Cheese Frosting-Flavored Filling

Courtesy of Oreo

Now that the holidays are over, I bet you thought all of those delicious treats were put away for the year. Well, think again — because a new Oreo flavor became available on Jan. 2, and it'll remind you of your favorite dessert. That's right: New Oreo Carrot Cake Cookies are here, which means you can ditch your fork and plate for a handful of cookies after dinner. Once you find out more about the new flavor, you'll want a slice — er, I mean, Oreo — ASAP.

I'm not kidding. Carrot Cake Oreos aren't your typical chocolate-and-creme cookies. Instead, each wafer tastes like actual carrot cake, which means you'll be getting your favorite flavors with every bite. Additionally, the creme inside each cookie doesn't even taste like vanilla. Instead, it tastes like cream cheese frosting, which means you'll be getting even more of a dessert-like experience with every cookie. I don't know about you, but I'd swap a piece of cake for a handful of Oreos any day.

Plus, the product's packaging looks extra appetizing. It features a perfectly-sliced piece of carrot cake covered in creamy frosting beneath the Oreo logo. TBH, it's making me hungry for dessert.

Courtesy of Oreo

Like I said, the new flavor became available on Jan. 2, which means you can totally add it to your shopping lists in 2019. Junk Banter, an online food blogger and snacking extraordinaire, already scored a pack — and he recently posted about the flavor on his Instagram account. He wrote,

I’m so happy I could cry. I may not have won the $500,000 prize when I submitted this flavor for the My Oreo Creation Contest, but I couldn’t care less because Nabisco has finally paired my favorite cake with my favorite cookie to produce new Carrot Cake Oreos, available today at most major retailers!

Yup. I'm just as excited as he is.

Junk Banter also discussed the cookie's flavor in his post, saying, "Note that the actual wafer is a new one, a carrot cake flavored one, and the ingredients list spice, graham flour, and corn cereal. These aren’t limited edition either!" YAY. Elite Daily reached out to Oreo to see exactly how long the carrot cake-flavored cookies will be on the market, and the company confirmed that the flavor is a permanent offering.

According to Oreo, the new flavor is currently available at retailers nationwide. One of those retailers is Target, and you can buy a package of Carrot Cake Oreos on the company's website for $2.99. That's a really great deal if you're hoping to replace your daily dessert with a handful of cookies every night.

If you'd rather snack on chocolatey Oreo snacks, then you're in luck. At the end of December, Arby's brought Oreo Bites back onto its menu. In case you're unaware, Oreo Bites are essentially chocolate doughnut holes that are filled with Oreo creme. They're also baked with original Oreo wafers, which means you'll get the cocoa taste that you know and love with every bite. If you want to try 'em, act fast — because they're only available for a limited time.

Whether you're craving chocolatey doughnut bites or carrot cake-flavored cookies, Oreo has you covered. Pick which one you'd rather have for dessert and enjoy.