Arby's Oreo Bites Filled With "Oreo Crème" Are Back To Satisfy Your Cookie Cravings

Some of my strengths include the discipline to wake up early and my impressive enough cooking skills that help me make a mean crockpot curry. My weaknesses, on the other hand, include scary movies (I truly live for them) and, most importantly, Oreos. I would never turn down an Oreo — not in my wildest dreams — and Arby's just brought back a dessert staple entirely made up of the signature sandwich cookie. Yes, you heard that loud and clear: Arby's Oreo Bites are back on the menu. TBH, I absolutely cannot resist them, no matter how hard I try. It really is a dream come true.

Aside from "having the meat," Arby's also has the sweets, and they're looking absolutely amazing. If you didn't get a chance to try Oreo Bites when they first made their way into this usually-cruel, cruel world, now is your chance. According to the Arby's website, Oreo Bites somewhat resemble doughnut holes, except these Oreo Bites are chocolatier, filled with smooth Oreo crème, and they're baked with crunchy Oreo wafers, according to Chew Boom. They're topped off with a sweet Oreo sugar blend, and obviously, they're served warm (because duh!). They're available for a limited time at participating locations nationwide, and you can snag a pack of six for only $2.59. In my personal opinion, they're worth every penny.

Just look at this gorgeous photo of them. Aren't they lovely?


UGH, I'm seriously drooling right now. I can't look away, no matter how hard I try.

You may recall way back in the day (aka earlier this year) when Oreo Bites first came into our lives, in January 2018. The delectable doughnut holes were only around for a limited time, according to Bustle, and after a while, they completely disappeared. However, ChewBoom posted about the return of Oreo Bites on Dec. 26, and since they have returned to menu at the same time they came out last year (around the holidays), many speculate that it could be a seasonal offering. Elite Daily reached out to Arby's to ask when they became available, and how long they'll be available, but did not hear back in time of publication. Although, it does say on the menu that Oreo Bites are a limited-time offer. To be completely honest, I wish they could be around all year, but I'm glad they made their way back onto the menu, even if it is for a limited time only.

If you're a hardcore Oreo fan like myself, you hopefully received a few Oreo Candy Canes in your Christmas stocking this year. The classic cookie brand managed to successfully put the chocolatey taste of Oreos into a black and white striped candy cane, and it's honestly everything I could ever want. The site, Spangler, recommends using them for eating, decorating trees, as gifts, and for holiday recipes. They come in 12 packages of 12 Oreo candy canes, giving you a whopping 144 candy canes. That's a lot of sugar, and should probably tide you over until next holiday season.

I can pretty much guarantee that I'm not the only one out there with an Oreo weakness. Like, I can probably count on one of you to go to Arby's with me. Anyone? No? OK, that's fine. More for me, I guess.