These New 2018 Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix Will Fill You With Holiday Joy


The Christmas movie is a longstanding tradition, almost as old as the holiday itself. OK, maybe not quite as old as Christmas, since movies were only invented about 125 years ago, and Christmas is a lot older than that. But, Christmas movies have been around for almost all of those 125 years. For as long as people have recorded themselves on film, they've especially loved recording themselves celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Luckily there's no such thing as too much Christmas spirit, because each year we get new additions to the classic holiday movie canon. Frosty and Rudolph better make room, because this year, Netflix has added these four new 2018 Christmas movies that are sure to make your holidays as warm and bright as a decked-out Christmas tree.

Whether you're looking to be whisked away with a European love story, or you're more in the mood for a more action-packed Christmas caper, this year's Netflix originals are here to provide. These movies are filled with all the cheesy romance, Christmas coziness, and schmaltz you could hope for. So heat up some hot cocoa, snuggle under a blanket, and settle in for a marathon of the new Netflix Christmas movies.

'The Holiday Calendar'
Netflix on YouTube

Everyone believes in magic a little more during Christmas time, and this movie brings that message home - literally. When a struggling photographer named Abby receives a house-shaped advent calendar from her grandfather, she realizes it's more than just a festive decoration. The calendar is filled with the magic to predict what will happen each day, and maybe even help Abby make her Christmas wishes come true. This is just the movie to make even the meanest of Scrooges believe in the holiday spirit.

'The Princess Switch'
Netflix on YouTube

A Princess Switch feels like a fabulous mash-up of all the most fun rom-coms of the last couple decades. In the flick, High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens plays two roles (à la Lindsay Lohan in the Parent Trap): an American woman from Chicago and the European Lady engaged to a prince who she trades places with. With the whole "commoner-trying-to-pass-as-a-princess" thing, this movie also carries some big Princess Diaries energy. If that's not enough for you, Hudgens' American character is a baker entered in an international Christmas baking competition, so there are even some Great British Bake-Off vibes sprinkled on top. What more could you want from a movie?

'The Christmas Chronicles'
Netflix on YouTube

This movie comes straight from the people who made Harry Potter and Home Alone, so it's already got classic written all over it. Taking a play from The Santa Clause, when a brother and sister accidentally cause Santa to crash his sleigh the night of Christmas Eve, they need to team up with the big guy in order to save Christmas for everyone. Kurt Russell stars as a warm and straight-talking Santa in this family-friendly treat.

'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding'
Netflix on YouTube

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is the only title on this list to be a sequel of another Netflix Christmas movie, so this one's coming with a built-in fan base. For those who missed last year's A Christmas Prince, the first movie in the Christmas Prince cinematic universe tells the story of an American journalist who goes to the fictional country of Aldovia and winds up engaged the prince. This movie picks up almost one year later, with wedding planning coinciding with Christmas celebrations. Christmas and a wedding? What could be better? Plus, if you miss getting to obsess over all the romantic and extravagant details of Harry and Meghan's wedding, this movie can definitely fill the royal hole in your heart.