Daylight Saving Time Has Us All Thrown & The Memes Are So Relatable

by Collette Reitz

Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins on Sunday, March 11, so it's common to not feel as well rested as usual since the clocks moved forward an hour. Of course, it's great that spring is on its way, but why does it have to mess with your sleep? I think it's pretty common to have trouble adjusting to the time change right away. Seriously, take a look at these memes about Daylight Saving Time, and you'll realize that you are so not alone.

While the nickname ("spring forward") for the March installment of DST is cute and all, it takes a while to "spring forward" and appreciate all that moving the clocks ahead has to offer (like later sunsets). To cope with the groggy state associated with moving the clocks forward one hour, some people have taken to sharing their frustration on Twitter. There seems to be a general feeling of wondering why you are forced to change the clocks — but since there is really no fighting it, many people are simply venting their frustration with some hilarious memes.

As it turns out, some people didn't even bother turning the clock back an hour during the last DST time change in November.

"Finally, the clock in my car will be correct again!"

On the bright side of things, you can take a break from sharpening your math skills until the next DST rolls around (since you won't have to keep subtracting an hour from what the clock says to know the actual time).

Others documented what it's like being awake when the clock on your phone makes that fateful switch.

"My face watching the clock go from 1:59 to 3:00 knowing I’m losing an hour of sleep."

Seriously, it's like an hour was literally stolen from you. In the timeless words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude."

"Waking up on Daylight Savings ... What year is it?"

Since you're likely still pretty sleepy due to the change, it's important to really stock up on the coffee (like a lot of it).

"Make sure you order the Daylight Savings size coffee tomorrow."

"Still can't get Daylight Savings Time right."

Sometimes it's best not to fight DST, because then you risk losing even more sleep.

"You know the feeling."

Be warned that this overly tired feeling might last a little longer than you want it to.

Seeing as though there is no escaping DST, some people decided to look on the bright side of things. If, for example, you're not a huge fan of the unending news stories about all things dealing with President Donald Trump, then you can be glad that losing an hour means there is one hour less for the Trump administration to be a thing. OK, it's not much, but when it comes to dealing with DST and DJT (Donald J. Trump), sometimes you just have to take whatever you can get.

"Don't forget to turn your clocks forward tonight to eliminate one hour of the Trump presidency."

"One hour less of the Trump administration."

"Tonight we lose an hour of the Trump presidency."

Even so, someone suggested there might be a way to get Trump interested in putting the kibosh on DST.

"Why are we not trying to convince Trump that Obama invented Daylight Saving Time?"

The president does have an affinity for doing away with the policies of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. Back in February 2017, Trump signed a law rolling back an Obama-era initiative that would make it harder for people with mental illnesses to buy a gun. And, of course, the president famously campaigned on the promise that he would "repeal and replace" Obamacare, but Trump's efforts thus far have failed on that promise.

Finally, some people wished that they could have sprung much further into the future.

"Would have given anything to wake up this morning to a clock that had sprung forward three years into the future out of this fresh hell."

Whether you're simply really tired for a few days or you're ecstatic about an hour less of President Trump, DST actually does affect your body, with things like sleep deprivation and cluster headaches. Sure, most of the effects of DST are simply grogginess and a headache here or there, according to the Mayo Clinic — but it's good to brush up on the information so you can help yourself adjust to the change.

OK, you're probably ready for a nap now, so I'll just remind you to change your clock and get some rest!