These Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Costume Ideas Will Make Your Halloween Romantic AF

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have made countless headlines with their whirlwind romance this summer. And now they’re about to give your Halloween costume ideas a huge boost as well. The lovely couple sported a number of looks during their outings over the past few months. So, there’s bound to be something interesting to choose from if you’re looking to them for Halloween inspiration. Given that they’ve made numerous appearances together in recent days, I’ve compiled a list of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin costume ideas for you to consider.

Here are all the best ones that’ll make you look exactly like them at a fraction of the cost.

1. Engagement Bliss

When Bieber announced his and Baldwin’s engagement on Instagram back in July, he made sure everyone knew how he was feeling about this new chapter of his life. He also included a really sweet photo of the two of them. While they’re dressed very casually, they look amazing nonetheless. And the now iconic photo is perfect for a romantic costume idea, especially if you’re newly engaged!

So, this right here is the look you’re going for, which is pretty simple to achieve:

For Baldwin’s look, you can head to Forever 21 to get everything you need.

Faux Leather Jacket, $38, Forever 21

Forever 21

This faux leather jacket is lightweight, looks comfortable, and can definitely be repurposed when all those Halloween costume contests are over.

Cherry Embroidered Tank Top, $10, Forever 21

Forever 21

In the photo Bieber shared, Baldwin is wearing a white tank top with the word “Cherry” on it. This tank from Forever 21 is a really close match.

Plaid Knife Pleat Skirt, $17, Forever 21

Forever 21

Though it’s hard to tell what exactly Baldwin is wearing underneath her over-sized leather jacket, it looks like it could be a plaid skirt. This one is affordable and can definitely add a pop of color to your costume.

For Justin’s look, try the following:

Sorry Im Taken Graphic Dad Cap, $10, Forever 21

Forever 21

While this may not be an exact match for Bieber’s hat in the photo, it’ll definitely add a bit of humor to your costume overall. Perfect for the “engagement bliss” feel you’re going for.

Distressed Slub Knit Tee, $7, Forever 21

Forever 21

Bieber’s plain white tee looks like it’s been worn a number of times, so this distressed tee from Forever 21 is perfect. Pair it with some jeans and you’re good to go.

2. Jet-Setting Around The World

Bieber and Baldwin have been traveling quite a bit over the last few months. So, it makes sense that they’d be doing all that jet-setting on a private jet. Thankfully, Baldwin posted a photo of them when they were just about to board the plane. And their look is rather interesting.

Here’s what they were wearing:

And here’s what you can wear on Halloween to achieve this look.

For Baldwin:

Get A Grip Colorblock Set, $24, Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

This cute set from Fashion Nova is very similar to what Baldwin is wearing in the photo, so your costume will be a near-perfect match.

For Bieber:

St. John's Bay Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt, $7, JCPenney


Tailored Recreation Men's Solid Short, $16, JCPenney


Sunwashed baseball cap, $15, J.Crew


This sun-washed cap from J.Crew will complete the look!

3. Beverly Hills Stroll

In late Aug. 2018, Baldwin and Bieber took a leisurely stroll in Beverly Hills and sported some very colorful attire. In photos from that outing, which you can see here, the couple is wearing what appear to be tropical colors and looking very happy. Since this look is so loud and fun, I thought it’d be a great costume idea.

For Baldwin’s look, you can try this green denim skirt and jacket set:

Denim Miniskirt, $24, Nordstrom


Boxy Denim Jacket, $42, Nordstrom


For Bieber’s look, a simple tropical shirt and distressed jean shorts will do wonders. Nordstrom and H&M have your back here.

Floral Wave Camp Shirt, $33, Nordstrom


Straight Fit Denim Shorts, $15, H&M


Any one of these looks will definitely make for an awesome Halloween costume!