4 Of The Most Adorable Things Jack Brooksbank Has Said About Princess Eugenie

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While traditional wedding season is winding down for most of us, thankfully it's still in full swing for the royal family. For those of us who are going through royal wedding withdrawal — take heart! Because Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are coming to the rescue with their nuptials planned for Friday, Oct. 12. As with most royal romances, their relationship has been chronicled and much scrutinized, but reading Jack Brooksbank's quotes about Princess Eugenie will not only give you all the feels, but also give you a bit of insight into why they fell in love.

The royal couple will exchange vows at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, just like Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan did on May 19. Their romance began while skiing in Switzerland in 2010. Jack, who works as a wine merchant and as the European Manager for Casamigos Tequila, has been praised by both Eugenie and her family for his personality and wit. Princess Eugenie's mother Sarah Ferguson revealed her opinion of her future son-in-law on the BBC The One Show, saying, “Jack really is a sort of amazing bringer of light and he brings joy." Of course, Jack returns the affection and here are some of his sweetest quotes about his future wife.

Jack On First Meeting Eugenie and Joining The Royal Family
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In their first TV interview after announcing their engagement, Jack describes meeting Eugenie to the BBC, "We were skiing, weren't we? It was amazing. Love at first sight." Not only are they both so adorable and so British, Jack beaming at his love while recalling meeting her for the first time is almost too much for this commoner to handle. Swoon!

In the same interview with the BBC, when Jack is asked how he feels about joining the royal family, he turns to his fiancé and remarks, "It's very, very special to be a part of your family now. But no, we're just Jack and Euge, I suppose, but it's very, very nice to be a part of it." So first of all, Jack is grounded, and secondly, it's insanely cute that he calls her "Euge!"

The sweetness continues when Jack is asked if their relationship feels different post-engagement and he beams, saying, "Yes, and for the better. It's amazing and I just love Eugenie so much and we're just so happy and over the moon for what is to come."

Jack On Choosing The Ring
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When Jack proposed to Eugenie in Nicaragua in 2017, he did get down on one knee but he did not have a ring. He had already chosen the stone, a gorgeous padparadscha sapphire, but wanted Princess Eugenie's help designing the setting. When Jack was describing her ring, he remarked about the stone, "What's amazing about it is that it changes color from every different angle that you look at it, which is what I think of Eugenie — that she changes color and is just so amazing." Jack clearly has an eye for beauty, and makes it obvious that to him, his fiancée is the most beautiful of all.

So from an idyllic lake-side proposal with a volcano as a backdrop, to an elegant (and televised) wedding St. George's Chapel, Jack and Eugenie seem to be living a real life fairy tale. While they have the support of the Queen, Eugenie's parents, and the Brooksbank family, they also are surely feeling the love from people all over the world. Since my invitation to the wedding must have been lost in the mail, I will be tuning in on Friday, Oct. 12 to watch the next chapter in their story unfold.

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