4 Most Romantic Things Princess Eugenie Has Ever Said About Jack Brooksbank

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While we just had the royal event of the year with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding event on May 19, there's about to be another wedding making another regular person royalty. Princess Eugenie's quotes about Jack Brooksbank show just how much these two lovebirds are into each other. Their upcoming wedding on Oct. 12 is something neither can seemingly wait for.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's younger daughter met her fiancé while skiing in Switzerland in 2010, and it seems as if Eugenie has been enamored by Jack's bubbly persona ever since. And while Jack, a "commoner" born to a family that works in accounting and business, has mostly stayed out of the limelight throughout their relationship — his first TV interview was in January 2018 — he'll be starting a new public-facing journey once they wed. By marrying Eugenie, Jack will officially be in the royal family, despite choosing to not use the title "earl."

Being together as a royal couple will no doubt test their relationship, but it's not like these two haven't navigated tough waters before. In 2013, the couple maintained a long-distance relationship while Eugenie worked at an auction house in New York City and Jack stayed in London as a club manager. Back then, Jack told the Daily Mail that he and his then-girlfriend "spend a lot of time on Skype."

Continue on for Eugenie's most romantic quotes about her soon-to-be husband, Jack.

She introduced him to the world on his first-ever TV interview, right after they got engaged.
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The newly-engaged couple in this TV interview could not appear more happy or in love. Eugenie "introduced" her fiancé on his first TV interview, and she could not stop touching him or gushing about her partner.

"This is Jack, we met when I was 20 [years old], and Jack was 24 [years old]," Eugenie told BBC News. "We fell in love and we had the same passions and drive for life."

They have fun together.
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Eugenie shared this photo of her and her soon-to-be husband Jack on his birthday, which shows her fiancé cracking up at something she had said.

"Clearly I said something funny this time," she captioned the picture. "Sums up Jack in a nutshell!"

In another photo, Eugenie also highlighted Jack's humor.

"Think Jack said something funny," Eugenie captioned her Instagram photo from their engagement photo shoot.

She wants the wedding to be perfect, but know it will be, since she's marrying Jack.
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"I’m not stressed at all," Eugenie told British Vogue. "It’s very nerve-wracking because you want it to be perfect but then you [realize] that you’re going to be with the person you love forever and nothing else really matters."

They fit in with each other's families.
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“As happy as Jack is to support me and love my family, I’m just as happy to support his family," Eugenie told BBC News. "They’re really, really wonderful people. They’ve been so lovely this whole time. Seven years, you get to know people pretty well. They’re already sort of parents and a big brother."

And what does Granny, AKA Queen Elizabeth, think of the royal pair?

"Granny [Queen Elizabeth] knew right in the beginning, she was one of the very few people in the beginning," Eugenie said. "We left her this weekend [in January 2018], and had a lovely time. She was very happy, as was my grandfather."

Along with Eugenie and Jack's family, I'm sure the world is just as excited to see this royal couple tie the knot in a couple of weeks.

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