Imitate Kylie Jenners' Extra Charming Braid With The Help Of These Gorgeous Hair Rings

If you saw the beyond gorgeous hairstyle that Kylie Jenner sported during the second weekend of Coachella, then chances are you've been tempted to buy a collection of hair charms for braids to add to your beauty closet. The look— which centered on a long, slicked-back plait — was threaded with seashells and crosses, giving it a super ethereal effect. Seeing as Jenner rocked the style at Kanye West's Sunday Service Coachella performance, which appropriately took place on Easter Sunday, the trinkets were extremely apropos. It's only a matter of time before this look catches on with the masses and becomes the new hairstyle du jour, so go ahead and rock it while it's fresh.

Whether you're a fan of Jenners' sleek style, which was created by hairstylist Cesar Ramirez, or prefer a topknot, looser braid, ponytail or the like, you can easily incorporate hair charms into your look. They simply loop into your hair like an earring through an ear and voila! Your locks are accessorized. As exemplified by Jenners' style, they've come a long way since those plastic rainbow flowers you probably clipped in as a child (which I would honestly still wear), so peruse some of the best picks for yourself below and go wild.

You're Golden

Like feathers, stars, moons, and crystals and don't want to choose between any of them? This varied selection of mystical charms is the one for you.

Luxury Vacation

Thanks to their golden nature, these pukka shells feel luxe AF and will make any hairstyle look the same.

Pretty Little Things

These delicate shell charms boast a gorgeous shimmer that make them feel extra precious and beautiful.

Be Jeweled

Add some rainbow into your look by bedazzling your hair in colorful jewels. Perfect for a festival or cheeky night out alike, these gems are the definition of playful glamour.

Ball And Chain

If you want to take your hair in a slightly punkier direction, opt for these silver beaded rings. Stack them together for an especially heavy metal effect or sprinkle a few throughout your style for glints of unexpected cool.

Life's A Beach

And with these, your hair can be, too! All things oceanic are clearly having a moment, so channel your inner mermaid and shell yourself.

Natural Instinct

Sally would definitely sell more seashells by the seashore if she made them into these gorgeous hair charms!

You're A Star

Turn your head into a mini galaxy with the help of these tiny star trinkets. A topknot covered in them would have an especially twinkly effect.

Birds Of A Feather

Go full on boho with these charms, which feature delicate golden feathers hanging from them and will help you nail that Cali desert look.

Totally Fetch

These purple heart and star hair charms scream 2000s and I am so into it! Perfect for festivals, they'll add some playful color to any style and would definitely be Lizzie Mcguire-approved.


These rings are unique in that they clamp onto your hair, gilding strands in a thicker golden band.