These First Kiss Stories From Girls Are So Awkward, But So, So Good


Since my very first slumber party at Emma and Devon's house back in third grade, I've loved hearing stories about first kisses. I mean, first kiss stories were the only kiss stories we had, since we were eight years old, and only one of us had actually been kissed. But still! First kiss stories can be romantic, embarrassing, hot, gross, life-changing, or even — eventually — forgettable.

Some kisses are so perfect, you know you will fantasize about them forever until you die, even if you marry Ryan Gosling himself. (But really, though, can you imagine getting to make out with the Gos for the rest of your life? Eva Mendes is one lucky woman.)

Meanwhile, other kisses serve as ammo for your group chat to make fun of you because they're so freaking cringe-worthy. Whatever — they happen to the best of us. Either the chemistry just wasn't there or you got stuck with someone who learned how to kiss by making out with their pillow and/or a poster of Jessica Simpson.

I asked girls to share their most incredible and most awful first kiss stories. Some things to expect below: swoon-worthy moments and several variations on the words "sloppy" and "slobbering." You've been warned.

The Best First Kisses Of All Time

— Giselle, 24

— Caroline, 18

— Sydney, 23

— Hannah, 22

— Paulina, 23

— Zoe, 20

— Julia, 19

The Most Atrocious First Kisses Of All Time

— Sydney, 23

— Caroline, 18

— Sydnee, 25

— Hannah, 22

— Yolany, 18

— Julia, 19

— Giselle, 24

— Melanie, 23

— Bella, 22

Here's a thought: Yes, a lot of these "worst kisses" were undeniably bad. But can't they also be kind of good, in a way? They make great stories — and once you've had the worst kiss there is, it's only uphill from here.

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