This Hilarious Meme About Cakes Is Giving Everyone An Existential Crisis

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As much of the country continues to practice social distancing amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, baking has emerged as one of the most popular ways for people to pass the time while staying at home — and, as of July 11, a hilarious meme that blurs the lines of reality is giving everyone an existential crisis. If you've seen videos of seemingly ordinary objects being revealed as cake making the rounds online, you'll want to check out the best "everything is cake" memes. The trend, which was inspired by the work of Turkish food artist Tuba Geckil, will definitely have you rethinking everything in 2020.

It all started when Geckil, who is known for posting hyper-realistic cake creations on her Instagram account @redrosecake_tubageckil, had her work featured on BuzzFeed's Tasty page. The Turkish artist regularly posts videos of herself with things like Croc shoes and rolls of toilet paper, only to reveal that they're all actually different kinds of layered cake when she cuts into them. Geckil has created cakes of everything from a jar of hand sanitizer to a cup and saucer filled with tea to President Trump. The incredible attention to detail has some viewers questioning their reality and wondering if they've been living in a world where everything has actually been made out of cake this whole time.

Individuals have been heading online to explore their newfound fears — and trust issues — about this potential new reality, and the everything is cake meme has been going viral as the Twitterverse collectively freaks out. From jokes about what a universe of cake (or human beings as cake) would look like to hilarious re-imaginings of historical events through a cake-inspired lens, the memes spiral out of control.

Here's a look at the original video:

Other cake videos also popped up, including from Natalie Sideserf, who has a YouTube Channel dedicated to making realistic cakes.

And here's how people are dealing with it:

While exploring their new cake-filled reality, some users traveled down memory lane to reference the 2000s meme "the cake is a lie" from the video game Portal.

Whether you're busy pondering what *isn't* cake or ready to jump onboard the meme train with your own hilarious cake creation, you'll want to head to Twitter to check out the conversation and get an idea of all the seemingly nondescript objects that can turn out to be cake.

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