Elf on the Shelf is wearing a snowflake mask due to the coronavirus pandemic.
These Elf On The Shelf Quarantine Items On Etsy Are Adorable & So 2020

Holiday traditions around the world are going to look different this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including the Elf on the Shelf in your house. The festive fad usually welcomes a tiny elf into your home on Dec. 1, who keeps an eye on things and gets into clever pranks. However, the current travel and safety restrictions now require each elf to quarantine upon arrival from the North Pole. Luckily, there are plenty of clever and cute Elf on the Shelf quarantine items to buy on Etsy to make their 14-day isolation a little more comforting as well as mischievous.

From holiday-themed masks, to mini rolls of toilet paper, shops on Etsy have really thought of it all. They've made sure your elf will not only be entertained while squished into a glass jar, but also look so IG-worthy, as they're patiently waiting to spread joy and mischief instead of potential germs. Now, it may be up to you to introduce your pal to the likes of banana bread baking, Tiger King on Netflix, and any other hobbies you've gotten into during quarantine. They may come up with a few of their own, thanks to your roommates or family members who you live with.

Ultimately the tradition will keep going with a very 2020 twist. To make sure your elf is prepared for quarantine upon arrival, shop these Elf on the Shelf quarantine items on Etsy right away.

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These Holiday-Themed Masks For Your Elf On The Shelf

First things first: If your elf is traveling to your home from the North Pole, they'll need a face mask. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing a mask is one of the most crucial things we can do to stop the spread of coronavirus, and keep the ones we love safe.

This seller won't just provide your elf with one mask, either. The listing includes two holiday-themed masks made with the print of your choosing. That way, they have an extra if one gets lost or needs to be washed.

This Kit Of Cleaning Essentials For Elf

When your elf is in quarantine, it's very likely they'll want to clean their space. Keep them from panic shopping prior to their arrival by ensuring they have mini containers of Clorox wipes and Lysol. This essentials kit also comes with a mask, a costume, and a few mini rolls of toilet paper for elf.

These Printable Letter Board Designs

Despite being in quarantine, your elf may want to leave you and the members of your household a few encouraging messages. Thanks to these cute letter board designs, they can. Each has a message encouraging your other family members or roommates to "spread kindness, not germs" and "sneeze responsibly."

This Wooden Quarantine Box

Your elf won't get as restless in quarantine if they're in a cozy box like this one. It's handmade with birch wood, and even has a cute message on the front to remind family members or your roommates of the quarantine procedures. On the back it reads, "fragile," so that every household member knows that the elf is precious, holiday-related cargo. Not to mention, this quaratine box is big enough to hold any props you want to put with your elf.

This Stylish Sweater

Is there anything cuter than a tiny elf sweater? Honestly, this piece is more stylish than your tie-dyed sweatsuits and celeb-approved masks combined. Be sure to dress your elf up in it, and take pics of them rockin' around their quarantine box in this very 2020 look. Your IG followers are bound to love how the elf on your shelf got into the spirit of the holidays, and are following all the current health and safety guidelines.