A cozy woman crochets a scarf on her velvet couch.
These Crochet Hacks On TikTok Will Help Keep You So Warm & Cozy At Home
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Your home is your happy place, and you want to feel as cozy in it as possible. Ideally, your couch has one or two fluffy blankets and a couple of throw pillows to take your power naps on. While you could obviously buy all of those items, you should consider checking out all of the creative crochet hacks on TikTok instead. By crafting your own sweater, quilt, cardigan, or all of the above, you can ensure your home is #peakcozy, while adding some custom-fit knitwear to your wardrobe as well.

Whether you're new to crocheting or a seasoned pro, these crochet hacks on TikTok will make sure your crafting project goes over without a stitch. For instance, one hack can make sure your yarn never gets tangled. Another will help you remember which stitch you left off on, so it's easier to take breaks amid crafting. You can even turn your DIY project into a relaxing evening and break out your yarn and hooks while settling into the couch to watch your fave show. Or, you can gather the roomies for a craft night to design the perfect movie-night blanket with each housemate crocheting different parts.

When you show off your new pair of leg warmers or warm wool throw on social media, your followers will be so impressed by how stylish your cozy situation is. They may ask you to divulge your own crochet hacks on TikTok, so they can design some one-of-a-kind pieces, too.

This TikTok Hack Turns Regular Yarn Into Chunky Yarn

If you're looking to DIY a blanket that will keep you super warm, you'll want to work with thick yarn. However, you might not always have that type of material on hand. For TikToker @annsclst, that's a non-issue, because there's actually a way you can transform thin yarn into chunky material. This hack demonstrates how to fold strands of yarn over each other to create three strands you can crochet together, creating thicker stitches. Before you know it, you'll have the perfect yarn for crafting a fluffy blanket.

This TikTok Uses The Inner End Of The Yarn To Prevent Mess

Nothing pumps the brakes on a crochet project quite like tangled yarn. Luckily, TikToker @kiduniquecrochet knows just the trick to preventing this mess. When working with new yarn, don't grab the string that's on top. Instead, follow this TikTok hack and use the string inside the ball of yarn to properly unravel the material without interruption.

This Hack Will Help You Remember Which Stitch You're On

You'll never forget the stitch number you're on after watching this TikTok crochet hack. Thanks to TikToker @t_e_designs, you can use a bobby pin to place in your pattern to keep track of the number of stitches you have. You can place the bobby pin in intervals of five or ten to easily count how many more stitches you need for your project.

This Hack Will Make Starting And Stopping Projects Easy

After taking a break from your crochet project, you may return to your yarn confused about where you left off. TikToker @joyswanson4 totally understands, which is why they have a nifty hack to remember which crochet hook you were using for your work. To keep your projects organized, this TikToker recommends placing a lettered bead on your stitch marker that corresponds with the size of your hook. For instance, they use a 4.0 mm hook, which is also referred to as an "E" size, so they placed a bead with the letter "E" on their stitch marker to remember.

This Hack Repurposes Old Scraps Of Yarn

The next time you snip a small piece of your yarn off, don't discard it. Instead, take a cue from TikToker @lostinyarnia and save your scraps to use as stuffing in a future project. Using this hack, you can repurpose your scraps to create crocheted stuffed animals, an array of throw pillows, or even some fun toys. Simply place all your used scraps in a bag for safe keeping to ensure you have them handy for upcoming projects.