These Magical Chinatown Market x Converse Sneakers CHANGE COLORS In The Sun


Do you remember mood rings? What about those sequin shirts that you could design patterns into if you rubbed their sparkles the wrong way? If one thing's for certain it's that 2000s fashion was fun. The upcoming Chinatown Market x Converse sneaker collaboration is here to revive the playfulness that our clothes and accessories boasted when we were teens, except I guarantee it'll appeal to you no matter how old you are. Thanks to the sneakers' chameleon-like abilities (more on that later) you'll feel you're actually getting two pairs in one, so not only are they transformationally cool, but they're a really thrifty buy.

Is your mind sufficiently boggled yet as to what wizardly powers the shoes might hold? Here's the deal: the sneakers featured within the collaboration change colors when exposed to direct sunlight, metamorphosing from a solid white color palette to one brimming with seriously vibrant hues. Yes, it's as cool as it sounds. There's both a Converse Chuck 70 high top and Chuck 70 Ox low top to choose from, so no matter what sneaker silhouette you're into there will be one that will pique your interest.

The collaboration will officially launch via on July 20 at 3:01 a.m. EST. The Converse Chuck 70 will retail for $100, while the Converse Chuck 70 Ox will retail for $95. Check out the specifics of each shoe below and decide which one you'll snag.

Pre-sun exposure, the high tops look like any other pair of classic white Chucks, save for the yellow Chinatown Market label that appears across the tongue. White rubber toe caps, white rubber soles, and white laces give the sneakers a fresh finish, while silver hardware adds a touch of shine.

When the sun hits, the shoes take on a totally different appearance. Each one becomes divided into four color blocked sections, with bright blue, citrus orange, grape purple, and deep magenta taking over the sneakers.

What's more, the soles of the shoes boast an equally cheerful color blocked palette that loosely mimics that of their upper counterparts.

The low-top versions also start out a solid white and boast the same silver hardware and classic white details as the high tops.

They also transform into eye-popping kicks and look like way cooler versions of those bowling shoes you used to slip into every weekend in your early teens.

What do you think? Do these sneakers beat out mood rings? If one thing's for certain it's that their designer doesn't take fashion too seriously, which is a sartorial ethos I can definitely get behind.

If you think these shoes are as cool as I do but not you're not familiar with Chinatown Market, you need to be. The brand basically channels all of the ironic, kitschy, and random goodness that New York City's Canal Street is known for (think tourist shirts, lots of logo-heavy items, reimagined '90s tees) into streetwear pieces that are actually pretty cool. Urban Outfitters even carries their stuff, so you know it's good.