These BTS "Boy With Luv" Instagram Captions Will Spread So Much Love On Your Feed

by Jamie LeeLo
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, ARMYs. How is everyone doing? I know it's probably been an intense time since BTS dropped their new single "Boy With Luv," so please remember to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. There is so much more energy required to survive the release of BTS' entire album Map of the Soul: Persona, so consider processing this one song as practice for the real deal. If you're looking for new ways to up your ARMY game participation and ready to shout your love of the new jam from the rooftops, here are some BTS "Boy with Luv" Instagram captions to show your commitment. Choose wisely, babes.

"Boy With Luv" is a jovial, brightly colored bop that makes me want to sing in my shower. The music video itself is upbeat and happy, plus it involves lots and lots of PINK. My homegirl Halsey also makes a stellar collaboration cameo which makes it even more fun.

When scanning the list of caption ideas below, consider this: What kinds of pictures do you want to accompany them? Are you going to opt for a photo of your bias? Maybe you want to snap a photo of yourself listening to the song. You could also browse any BTS related hashtags to find awesome videos and pictures to re-share from their entire glorious career. When it comes to this group, your options are truly endless.

When in doubt, emoji and hashtag that sh*t up. You can't go wrong including BTS' signature purple heart emoji and you can always get more love and likes by utilizing some of the more popular BTS hashtags already out there.

Here's the music video for a last dash of inspo:

When you're ready, go to town. This list is here for you.

Lyrics Inspired:

1. Oh tell me, what makes you happy?

2. Your every picture, I wanna have it by my pillow

3. I'm flying high in the sky

4. You got me high so fast

5. I want to be with you for everything

6. From the moment I met you, ya my life was all you

7. You’re the star that turns ordinaries into extraordinaries

8. Everyone says that I used to be so little and now I became a hero

9. Love is nothing stronger than a boy with luv

10. I'm curious about everything, how's your day

11. Come, be my teacher, teach me everything about you, Your one, your two

12. I say that something like destiny was never my thing

13. Sometimes I prayed let me run away

14. With the wings of Icarus you gave me, not towards the sun but towards you, let me fly

If none of these captions are speaking to you, see if you can drum up inspiration by checking out ARMYPEDIA.net, where you can find old posts about previous songs and albums. You can also use the release date of April 12 to add memories to their growing historical archive!

One thing is for sure, I won't forget how I first felt listening to "Boy With Luv" for a long time. (Excited, delighted, and hungry, but that third one is just my standard baseline.)

Congratulations, BTS! It just keeps getting better.