I'm Gonna Go Broke For These New Summer-Perfect Birkenstock & KITH Clogs


Up until this morning, I'd pretty much all but sworn off clogs. I haven't worn a pair of the backless slip-on shoes since I was 10, and over the past 17 years I've never felt tempted to buy a pair again. But when I saw the Birkenstock x KITH clogs that just launched this week, my opinion on the geeky-cool silhouette changed entirely — I'm here to tell you that I'm crawling back to clogs, because this drop is that good.

The clogs I owned when I was 10 were of the cherry red patent variety, and I thought they made me look cooler than cool. I'd often pair them with matching red pants and a fuzzy yellow sweater, embracing condiment chic. (Ketchup and mustard, anyone?) I remember wearing that exact outfit while visiting Big Ben in London and again for my fifth grade school photos, and while I can appreciate the clogs' place within the context of early 2000s fashion, I must say they're a style I'd never be caught in again. This all goes to underscore my claim that I'm not a clog-wearing person, so if you're hesitant about the sound of a KITH x Birkenstock clog, just trust me when I say it's rad.

If you're not familiar with KITH, it's a lifestyle brand and retail shop that launched in 2011 and is known for offering streetwear-inspired designs for both men and women. You might've seen KITH-branded ice cream treats on your Instagram feed, which are sold at the brand's stores and are a testament to how forward-thinking and trendy it is. Needless to say, this collaboration was destined to be rad, and I think you'll agree that it delivered.

Available now online, the KITH x Birkenstock Boston style ($180, sees one of Birkenstock's classic silhouettes get a fresh update that's perfect for summer. Its upper is outfitted with a kaleidoscopic print in soft neutrals and pastels that will remind you of gorgeously arranged Moroccan tiles. It looks a bit like a gorgeous optical illusion in footwear form. Suede footbeds ensure the clogs will feel as comfy as you'd expect from a Birk, while cork midsoles and a white sole add a fresh appeal to the style. Finally, rose gold buckles finish off the shoe in truly trendy style, while KITH branding is stamped on the strap. They're the perfect shoe for any casual summer hang and would make your go-to outfit of cutoffs and a white tee look exceptionally good. The fact that you can slide in and out of them with ease is the cherry on top.

The clogs arrived with another complementary style, but it appears to have already sold out, seeing it's no longer available on KITH's website. The KITH x Birkenstock Arizona sandal featured a white upper stamped with blue leaf designs, which gave it the appearance of fine vintage china. It boasted a silver buckle, suede footbed, and navy sole, meaning it too would be the perfect style to pair with any of your summer denim. Chances are it'll restock soon if it flew off shelves so quickly, so keep your eyes peeled on KITH's website if you're dying to snag yourself a pair.