Barefoot’s New Wine-To-Go Boxes Make Summer Sipping So Convenient

Courtesy Of Barefoot

Whether you're heading to a friend's barbecue, hosting a rooftop happy hour, or if you're simply looking to prevent spillage in the comfort of your home, there's no denying that boxed wine always comes in clutch. And, that's precisely why I'm excited to snag some of these brand new Barefoot Wine-To-Go Boxes. Not only are they convenient for any and all summer adventures, but they also come in four delicious flavors that you probably have come to know and love.

Even though Barefoot itself isn't new to the wince scene (you have most likely tasted the renowned wine and bubbly company offers), its latest offering is about to change your summer for the better. Barefoot just released a brand new line called Barefoot Wine-To-Go, and for an on-the-go gal like me, they're definitely going to come in handy. According to the press release, each container is somewhat reminiscent of a cardboard juice box, complete with an easy-to-open screwcap. That way, you can reseal it, if totally necessary, and it won't spill like your average glass of wine.

Each Barefoot Wine-To-Go box is filled to the brim with 500 milliliters of wine, according to the press release, and that's equivalent to about three full glasses. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, folks, and the best part is that you can choose between four delicious flavors: Moscato, Rosé, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. Honestly, though, I recommend trying all four.

In the press release, Barefoot's Vice President of Marketing, Anna Bell, said Barefoot is constantly seeking out new, innovative ways to fit their customers' lifestyles. She says Wine-To-Go is an especially convenient way to do so. "At Barefoot, we love to give people new ways to enjoy wine, and Barefoot Wine-To-Go fits perfectly with that idea." I totally agree.

If this sounds up your alley in the slightest, you'll be happy to know that Barefoot Wine-To-Go is currently available at several retailers across the country, according to the press release, so definitely check their online locator to see where you can buy it. And if you aren't eager to leave your soft, warm bed, (because same), you can also buy it through Barefoot’s page on The Barrel Room for only $4.99 per box. So, you have a pretty wide variety of buying options. You shouldn't have any trouble getting your hands on these.

On the other hand, if you are looking for — well — slightly bigger packaging, the wine brand also sells on tap 3-liter wine boxes. You can buy them in-store at Target, online at Total Wine & More, and online via The Barrel Room. It's also available for delivery through Drizly. The suggested retail price of the box is $19, which basically means you get four bottles of wine for less than $5 each. That's a true steal, if you ask me.

I don't have too much planned for this summer, but it pretty much goes without saying I'll be toting around some Barefoot Wine-To-Go. Drinking wine from juice box-like receptacles is undeniably advantageous for maximized summer fun, TBH, and it also prevents the possibility of spilling your favorite sip. So cheers to that!