These 4 Signs Are The Most Passionate In The Zodiac & You Can Feel Their Fire

by Valerie Mesa

Being passionate isn't really something that can be taught. And while some tend to be more passionate than others, it really all depends on that which uniquely inspires and resonates with our individual spirit. Now, if I had to determine the most passionate zodiac signs, I could easily name a few off the top of my head. But even then, the zodiac signs I'm about to mention are each passionate about something completely different, and that's what makes them so special. Of course, everyone (and every sign) is passionate about something, but Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn especially passionate signs and people. (And if you're curious to see if one of these signs shows themselves in your own chart, refer to your ascendant or Mars sign via a birth chart calculator.)

Assuming you understand someone's personality type solely based on their zodiac sign is merely scratching the surface of who they are, let alone what inspires them. Your ascendant, aka rising sign, is more representative of your sense of self, and it tells the story of the energetic theme of your life. Your Mars placement, on the other hand, is even more straightforward, determining your passionate expression and your sexual libido.

While you get familiar with your ascendant and Mars placement, here's what to know about why Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn are the most passionate zodiac signs:

Aries: You're A Headstrong Go-Getter

Aside from the fact that assertive Mars is your planetary ruler, which already speaks for itself, you naturally epitomize the zealousness living within your ruling element. You are cardinal fire in every way, shape, and form, Aries. And whether it's because of your innate fearlessness or your desire to conquer the entire world, the passion you exude is both incredibly vibrant and contagious.

Cancer: You're Always Chasing A Feeling

You are ruled by the ever-changing moon and while your emotions tend to be as unique as the four seasons, they're also as powerful as the ocean tides. Your sparkling intuition is your greatest superpower, and your ability to nurture the ones you love stems from your receptiveness to the emotional undercurrents all around you. Your memory bank is equivalent to a 4-D experience, and your lunar clock gifts you with the ability to turn back time and feel the butterflies swirling through your belly once again.

Scorpio: Your Desires Are Smoldering

It's no coincidence go-getter Mars is your traditional planetary ruler, Scorpio. Don't get me wrong, you're as Plutonian as it can get, but the cosmos also gifted you with some of Mars' red-hot passions, already living in your cosmic DNA. You have the emotional stamina of a daring skydiver, and your spider senses aren't so bad, either. Nothing gets in the way of your desires... not even you. This, of course, could be potentially destructive, but it's still part of your Plutonian heirloom and divine powers of regeneration.

Capricorn: You're Perseverance Is Inspiring

Giving up is simply not part of your vocabulary. And if failure was even an option, you wouldn't waste your time on it to begin with. You're a cardinal sign (just like Aries and Cancer), and taking the initiative to do something that brings long-lasting results is your main priority in life. But it goes way beyond taking action and seeing the results of your hard labor; Saturn, your ruling planet, governs all things related to discipline and structure in your life, and you embody that same perseverance, Capricorn. In your eyes, you prefer to take your time as long as you're making the necessary sacrifices to succeed. And the definition of success includes that which led you there in the first place.