These 'A Star Is Born'-Inspired 'Bachelor' Memes Will Make You Spit Out Your Morning Coffee

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You had an eventful last few nights if you sat down to watch both the 91st Academy Awards and Colton Underwood's hometown dates on The Bachelor. If you were already suffering from an awards season withdrawal, Bachelor fans unexpectedly delivered a perfect dose of A Star Is Born for anyone in Oscars mourning. The internet is still reeling from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's intimate Academy Awards performance of "Shallow," so why not find a way to apply that cozy image to Colton's journey for love? These A Star Is Born-inspired Bachelor memes prove that no one is ready to be far from the shallow just yet.

ICYMI, A Star Is Born's Gaga and Cooper livened up their lackluster awards season with the first televised performance of the beloved song "Shallow" on Feb. 24's Oscars broadcast. The movie's initial hype fell flat by the time Oscar bidding rolled around, but its impact on Twitter has always remained strong. Seeing as we've worn out all possible jokes about Gaga's "Shallow" chorus, Bachelor Nation decided that her adoring glances in Cooper's direction fit many vibes of Colton's complicated hometown visits. Whether it was a headstrong dad refusing to give a marriage blessing or a contestant exiting with Bachelorette ambitions, fans' A Star Is Born memes definitely emulated "something good" on The Bachelor.

If you scrolled through Twitter during Bachelor commercial breaks, you probably found some witty commentary about viewers matching Gaga's mood during the performance. The Bachelor has teased out Colton's mysterious fence jump so much that the fact it hasn't happened yet has become a running gag in Bachelor Nation. One Twitter user's comparison of audiences being so close yet so far to seeing the jump fit Gaga and Cooper's proximity perfectly.

Last week's controversy of Caelynn and Cassie reportedly discussing the possibility of becoming the Bachelorette became a strong likelihood on Feb. 25's episode when Colton cut Caelynn from the competition. Tearing up during her exit, the 23-year-old beauty queen definitely fell into the typical mold of how a future lead leaves the show. Despite how emotional she may have felt about breaking up with Colton, Caelynn's feelings weren't fooling Bachelor Nation members with the Oscars on their mind.

Even eliminated contestant Nicole Lopez-Alvar jumped in on the meme-ing action. This might make any post-Bachelor hangouts awkward, but it looks like Nicole fell for Tayshia's dad after the California native was initially skeptical about his daughter's chances with Colton. She first used the Gaga-Cooper shot to illustrate America's love for Tayshia's dad.

When Tayshia's dad advised the pair that "you can't microwave relationships," Nicole was inspired once again. She posted another screenshot from the performance in which Gaga looks cautious, assigning Tayshia's dad's feelings about microwaves to the pic.

It's not often that such a well-known cultural moment clashes with a situation on The Bachelor, so I guess we have Cooper and Gaga to thank for making hometown visits a little more exciting. Their "Shallow" chemistry has sparked relationship rumors, but assuming the co-stars are still just friends, even their platonic bond is sometimes more appealing than a Bachelor relationship. Fans definitely agree with that.

This season probably won't end as bleakly as A Star Is Born and its awards period did, but I'm all for more Gaga-Cooper comparisons in the remaining time we have with Colton.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, March 4, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.