These 9 Elaborate Proposal Stories Really Have A Ring To Them

When it comes to wedding planning, some couples choose to go big. Like, 500-people-open-bar big. Of course, some couples go all out for every milestone before, after, and during their walk down the aisle. If you're super into anniversaries, love a good rom-com, or can't wait for your dream wedding day, these elaborate proposal stories may totally take the wedding cake. From family filled surprise parties to lavish trips, there is no shortage of elaborate ways to pop the question.

Of course, like anything in life, there is no wrong or right way to propose. If you're super low-key, or hate public attention, a big proposal may not feel super comfortable. Keeping your engagement between you and your boo can be a super sweet and romantic way to make steps towards your future. If you love to spend time with friends and family, and want your community to be involved in every aspect of your life — a public proposal may be a wonderful way to integrate the people you love in your life with the love of your life.

No matter the shape or size, proposals are super special. Here are nine elaborate proposals that really have a ring to them.

#SelfCare Themed Proposal
I proposed on our four year anniversary, using a homemade bath bomb. It was loaded with rose petals and inside, there was a note asking her to marry me. I had the ring box inside the pocket of my robe. We love taking baths together, and for our first Valentines Day, I got her stuff from Lush, so I’ve known for a long time that’s how I’d propose. She’s also not the type to want a public proposal, so it worked out well.


Trip Down Memory Lane
My wife and I had our first kiss on my parents couch on New Year’s Eve. We had met in high school my freshman year, and we started dating at the school carnival when I helped her clean up all night (she was in student council.)
I took a picture at those three spots mentioned, with a sign at each that said "Will You” “Marry” “Me?” And put those pics in a frame.
Then I took my entire couch to our favorite restaurant (outdoor seating area with grass and lights) and set it up to look all nice, and set the picture on the table. I popped the question and she was so happy. Best day ever!


Box In A Box
For me, I put my wife's ring inside of a box inside of a box inside of a box (about seven boxes) and each one was filled with memories and jokes we had shared. She opened each layer and in the very center was the ring and I went down on a knee to ask her. Thankfully, she said yes!


This Photo Booth Realness
awake352 on YouTube
My wife loves carnivals & arcades. Through our dating, every time she saw a photo-booth we had to stop and take pictures. When it came time for our anniversary, I ran to grab a ring after work and then took her to Dave & Busters.
After playing games for a few hours, I was like 'Hey, did you want to jump in the photo-booth real quick?' She was definitely down, and a little stunned I asked (as I was never that into this tradition). The traditional photo-booth was occupied, so we hopped into a bigger fancier looking one next to it. I dropped to one knee and popped the question. She was stunned, and quickly said yes.
The one detail of this photo-booth we had not taken into account, the screen on the outside was in fact a display that showed what was going on in the booth during the session. So we kissed and stepped out of the booth, only to find 30 people standing around clapping.


A Sporty Surprise
I took her up in a helicopter and we flew around sight seeing for around 45 min. Since we were both college athletes ( I played baseball and she played softball) I had spray painted in 20ft letters in centerfield SUMMER WILL YOU MARRY ME? And at the end of the flight I had the pilot circle the field to her side where she could see it and then we landed on the field and got out and I got down on 1 knee and asked her.


Vegas, Baby
I proposed on a trip to Vegas we had planned. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed and our room was given up, and we had to go from this great king suite to this little two double bed room. When I insisted on needed our room, the person checking us in finally read the notes on the account and realized why I was being so insistent. She said they couldn’t help us that night, but would put us on a list to get us a new room the next day.
The time comes, and we get to the room. We walk in, and there are candles, roses, rose petals, champagne. It was absolutely stunning. There was a beautiful view of the strip. My wife turns to me, years in her eyes and says, "Oh my god, oh my god! I can’t believe it, look what they did for us because of the whole room screw up!"
It wasn’t my proudest moment, by I started yelling, “No! No! This was me! I did this!!” I calmed down, told her to go take the pictures for her friends and Instagram. At that point, she still had no idea what was happening. Finally, I proposed, and of course she said yes.


A Little French Kiss
I decided to propose at the top of the Eiffel tower.
Well it turns out the Eiffel tower has a fair amount of security.
So not only was I nervous about proposing, I was nervous about her seeing the ring before we got anywhere as well as nervous about being nervous approaching security checkpoints with armed soldiers around. My heart rate must have been a steady 180 bpm for an hour before I hit the first step. I needed 20 minutes at the top before I could calm down enough to do it. The top isn't that big so we walked around it a good five times before I proposed. At least I know my heart's in good shape.


A Dare-Devil "I Do"
My husband told me I was getting my Christmas gift early. It was the week before Christmas, he spent hours driving me around the backwoods, making random stops to tell me that we were here (faking me out at a post office lol).
Finally, we pulled up to a small airport and he pulls out a sheet of paper and just casually says "Okay, so we’re gonna go skydiving now.”
I lose my mind. So stoked. I’ve wanted to do this forever. In like 10 minutes we’re in the air. They record you while you skydive, so they’re asking us all these questions like how did we meet and what’s our love story. I still have no idea.
On the way down, I don’t even see the sign that says “Taylor will you marry me” because my goggles got all fogged up. But I did see him, down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen.
Then there was all of our family and friends cheering behind him. It was amazing.


A Family Affair
My dad and I built a trellis for me to propose under. I decided to invite 20 of our friends and both of our families to celebrate with us, just around the corner from where I proposed.
I had set up a lunch with another couple to buy time for all the set up. My friends and family set up the trellis and prepared an entire luncheon for everybody to celebrate.
I walked with my wife near the pond. I led her through a collection of trees and bushes and the trellis stood in an open area. My friend rigged a set up to have a specific song from the movie 'Pride & Prejudice' playing. I got down on one knee and proposed, an immediate yes, and afterwards we dove into an impromptu engagement shoot with the photographer I had hiding nearby (buying more time for food set up).
I then led my wife up a path and as we rounded the corner, all of our friends and family awaited and cheered us on. We then had an amazing lunch surrounded by people who love us and have supported us. It was an epic day!


If a big proposal would be meaningful to you, it's totally OK to share that with your partner. From intimate photo booth moments to an impromptu skydiving session — there are many elaborate ways to pop the questions, and all of them are literal #goals.