These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Probably Flake On Your Plans, So Don't Wait Up

by Valerie Mesa

Are you the friend making plans or the one that ends up flaking? Come on, we're all guilty of selling our friends out, every now and then, right? Granted, some of us more than most; however, these four zodiac signs will probably flake on your plans, so don't take it the wrong way: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Truth is — and I'm speaking from personal experience — no one purposely goes out of their way to sell someone out. (Unless we're talking about a vengeful Scorpio moment, or perhaps one of Cancer's petty tantrums, of course.) In reality, people's moods are prone to change, and the more you enjoy spending time on your own, the more difficult it becomes to make plans with your friends. Like I said, I am speaking from experience, and I have personal planets in three of the signs mentioned above. So, trust me when I say, committing to a plan is easier said than done.

Your solitude is a magnificent thing, and I am a firm believer that one should always listen to their body, and above all, their intuition. Granted, there will be moments where you have no choice but to show up, especially when it involves a close friend or loved one. However, sometimes our minds are telling us one thing, and our gut is saying another, and I know I'm not alone here. That being said, these four zodiac signs will probably flake on your plans, so don't wait up:

Cancer: They'd Rather Hide In The Comfort Of Their Home

Cancer is a crabby crab — period. There's really no other way to describe their extreme mood swings, strange emotions, or endless hibernating cycle for that matter. Cancer is needy by nature, so when this water sign is hungry, sleepy, or emotional, the whole world will know it, trust me. Now, when it boils down to making plans, it's simple. Your Cancer pal will only leave their cozy shell for their ride-or-die besties, and of course, their family members. That is it. Home is where their heart is, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Libra: They're Constantly Thinking About The Possible Scenarios

Libra is beyond fickle. Now, when I say fickle, I don't mean spontaneously fickle like their sister sign Gemini. This is more of a chronic indecisiveness that stems from their ability to be in two places at once, which also why they enjoy relationships so much. Libra is a social chameleon, and perhaps the moodiest of the air signs. Truth is, you never know what you're going to get with Libra. They may or may not show up, but rest assured, they're not doing it alone.

Scorpio: They're Usually Not In The Mood To Be Social

Scorpio is an enigma. This water sign is extremely private, which is why they're also highly suspicious of the people around them. Sometimes, Scorpio wakes up in a strange mood, and there's really no getting out of it. In fact, when this happens, Scorpio avoids social interaction as much as possible. So much so, some Scorpios might even hide longer than their sister sign Cancer. Truth is, this water signs enjoys their solitude like no other.

Pisces: They Lie Through Their Teeth And Get Away With It

Pisces is the epitome of going with the flow. In fact, this water sign has a little bit of every sign in the zodiac wheel. Like a true mutable sign, Pisces can act, fake cry, or simply talk its way out of anything in the whole world. You can't force a Pisces to do anything. Put it this way: have you ever tried to catch a fish underwater? They're fast, right? Plus, even when you do catch them, they can slip right out of your hands, because that's their nature. Well, the very same thing happens when you make plans with a Pisces. Maybe they show up, maybe they don't.