Don't Bother Texting These 4 Zodiac Signs, Because They Hate It

by Valerie Mesa

To text, or not to text — that is the million dollar question. Truth is, emotional tones are easily misconstrued via text, so exchanges can become quite ambiguous. This is precisely why these four zodiac signs hate texting — Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, and Capricorn — so don't even bother pressing send unless you have something really important to say. Texting isn't for everyone, and it goes beyond avoiding face-to-face contact. TBH, I can text for hours on end, especially when my best friends are spilling the tea. But I also have moments where I want absolutely nothing to do with my cell phone.

Back in the day, when I was addicted to playing the game Snake on my retro-fab Nokia cell, sporadic text messages would come through and my Mom would instantly flip out, thinking I was going over my monthly limit. She got over it eventually, but she and my Dad would always gloat about how texting was the most informal way of communicating with another person and I'd just sit there, rolling my eyes. Fast forward almost 15 years later, and my parents are basically glued to their iPhones, sending me back-to-back texts, some of which include Bitmojis, and I honestly can't help but laugh.

Texting has clearly become a way of life over the years, but even still, I highly doubt you'll ever catch a Sagittarius with their cell in hand for more than five minutes, let alone in the midst of a heated text sesh. Some of us really don't have the attention span or the patience to type every single word that comes to mind. Taurus is another sign who refuses to relay any sort of message, unless it's face to face, and I sincerely don't judge them for it. I commend those who prefer to confront others in person, as opposed to someone who chooses to do so on their phone.

Here's more detail on why Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, and Capricorn hate texting.

Taurus: You're Prefer The Real Deal

What can I say, Taurus? You prefer in-person conversations as opposed to texting. You have to see to believe, and you like getting straight to the point. You'll text someone if need be, but not when it's something important, let alone confidential. You know people who keep receipts, but it takes one to know one. We all have secrets, and you're not about to disclose any evidence.

Libra: You're Way Too Aloof

Stop right there, Libra. I'm not saying you can't keep up with a conversation via text. On the contrary, you're a brilliant communicator and a total charmer, but texting is not for you. You're a connector, a relator, and an eloquent diplomat. A text message will simply not suffice. If you have no choice but to text, you'll be sure to keep it short and sweet.

Sagittarius: You're Always On The Go

Where in the world is Sagittarius? If you're not off somewhere bungee jumping or stuck on a flight with bad Wi-Fi, you're probably somewhere outdoors with absolutely no time for text messages... unless it's a meme. Now that you have time for. Although some Sags might love texting and others might loathe it (hence why you make both lists!), if they're desperately trying to get in contact with someone, a Sag will either FaceTime or send a voice memo.

Capricorn: You Prefer Taking A Traditional Route

You're a realist, Capricorn. Texting is the last thing on your mind, unless you have a valid reason for pressing send. You always have an objective, and your vintage soul would much rather communicate in person, despite the luxury of seeing the word "read" via your iMessages. You like putting in the work, and conversations with you need to be earned. It's that simple.