These 35 Shamrock Shake Puns Are Mint To Make Your Insta Followers Smile

March means heading to McDonald's for a Shamrock Shake on the regular, or even gathering the ingredients to whip up one of your own. Rejoice, because the seasonal treat is finally back for you to savor every last sip. It's no wonder why people are obsessed — it's minty, magical goodness in a cup! You have to admit that the green color is so Instagram-worthy, which is why you'll want to pose for a Shamrock Shake selfie. When you're ready to post on the 'Gram, you'll want Shamrock Shake puns to choose from for a clever caption.

Just like mint treats and March go so well together, so do puns and Instagram. Even though they can be a tad cheesy, people really love a good pun. Plus, a cute caption is guaranteed to get you a few extra likes on whatever pic you post, so make sure you're getting every like you deserve with a truly punny quote.

Whether you decide to opt for a cool filter or not, make sure to brighten up the colors to bring out the green in the shake and red in the cherry on top. Then, use any of these 35 festive puns for your caption. As you're sippin' away on your delicious milkshake, enjoy every like that comes your way and have a shamrockin' good St. Patrick's Day.

1. "Shamrock shake your tail feathers."

2. "You leprechaun have all the Shamrock Shakes your heart desires."

3. "It's no SHAM-rock that I love Shamrock Shakes."

4. "I'm ready to shamrock and roll."

6. "We were mint to be."

7. "Here's a little encourage-mint to get through the shenanigans today."

8. "My shamrock shake brings all the leprechauns to the yard."

9. "Let's shake on it."

10. "I'm ready to shamrock this party."


11. "Lean with it. Shamrock with it."

12. "We can all a-green that Shamrock Shakes are the best."

13. "You're the cherry on top of my shamrock shake."

14. "Irish I had a Shamrock Shake right now."

15. "Shake it off." — Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off"

16. "I will never dessert you, Shamrock Shake."

17. "I dessert to treat myself to a Shamrock Shake."

18. "You give me chills."

19. "This is commit-mint: I love my Shamrock Shake."

20. "Have an ex-straw-dinary St. Patrick's Day."


21. "I mint it when I said I love Shamrock Shakes."

22. "Some things are simply mint to be."

23. "Whatever is mint to be, will be."

24. "Is this a fig-mint of my imagination?"

25. "Irish you were shamrocking this St. Patrick's Day with me."

26. "I lepre-can't even right now with this Shamrock Shake."

27. "You're looking a little green today, Shamrock Shake."

28. "Shake shake, shake shake, a-shake it." — Metro Station, "Shake It"

29. "Shamrock Shakes have me greening from ear to ear."

30. "So, we're in a-green-ment about Shamrock Shakes."

31. "Don't make a jig mistake, and order a Shamrock Shake."

32. "Sitting out on the Paddy O' with my Shamrock Shake."

33. "Hey Shamrock Shake, you must be from McDonald's, because I'm lovin' it."

34. "Shamrock Shakes are available for a wee time only."

35. "I truly believe I was mint to drink Shamrock Shakes all year round."