These 3 Signs Are About To Have Their Worst Career Year, But Here's How To Fix It

by Rosey Baker
Marija Strajnic/ Stocksy

As much as astrology has been peddled as a tool to predict the future, is actually no such thing. There are ways to use it loosely, as a guide to help you take advantage of potential energy. I say this as a preface to the fact that 2018 will be challenging career-wise for three zodiac signs in particular. Since astrology is considered a healing art, there is nothing I'd want to put out there that would damage someone's idea of their own potential in any serious way, especially because I think that a person's belief in themselves is more powerful than astrology. But since there are aspects in astrology that are more difficult than others, I've gotta be honest here.

There are certain signs that will feel this year is a challenge to them in terms of their career. I think it's important to acknowledge the aspects, and to get some suggestions about how to cope with them if they concern you. If they don't, then they don't, and you can throw my advice away. I wouldn't want to force a perspective on any of my readers they don't already share, because I have a life to live, I'm busy, and I'm trying to work on a codependent tendency to try and change other people.


This year proves to be a challenge for Gemini people in particular, with the movement of Saturn into your eighth house of partnerships, contracts, and transformation. You may be faced with restrictions around your ability to negotiate with others to ask for what you need, or to get it. This year is all about learning proper boundaries when it comes to merging your resources with others. There is a chance that the theme of these Saturnian lessons will be more intimacy based, but since the eighth house rules partnerships (both business and personal) you will certainly feel its influence in your professional life.

Be very thorough when reviewing contracts of any kind, in signing any paperwork that will bind you to another person. You may hire a lawyer to review any contracts that strongly influence your life, but be sure to do research into this as well, since a lawyer and client are a business partnership as well.


I know, I know, I included Sagittarius in the list of who is going to have the best year career wise. But for the same reason I included them there, I'm including them here. You see, Sagittarius is influenced this year by Saturn moving into their second house of earned income. That means that in order to have the best year, they'll first have to go through some serious challenges in their approach to money and possessions.

A more responsible perspective and approach to your money is required of you right now, Sagittarius. You may lose one form of income before a better one comes along. Saturn will ask you to be more thorough, more careful about your efforts to make money (as evidenced by Sagittarius Steve Bannon stepping down from Breitbart yesterday), and be sure that these efforts aren't an attempt to swindle either yourself or your business partners. The work you do right now is going to require you to be more thorough than you have ever been before. Have patience. Slow down. There are no shortcuts to true and lasting success, or the pride that you can have in your work when its quality is good.


Aquarius, this year is going to be about focusing on your mental health and spiritual life, with Saturn entering your 12th house of healing, spirituality, and solitude. You may have to take a hard look at your inner world before you can get back to what's happening in your outer world. This can be especially challenging for a sign who is so apt to intellectualize their emotional life, but I think the level of detachment you have can help you.

As long as you're willing to take a thorough, non-judgmental inventory of where, how, and in what ways you've been defective in your own life, you can take steps to heal this. It's time to regroup. It's time to forgive yourself for your perceived failures. It's time to take responsibility for the moments you've failed to show up for your emotional life by doing so now. It may be frustrating at times to not be able to show up in your career the way you've been able to in the past, but you'll begin to see that the success you see in your outer life is a direct reflection of your inner life.