If You're Any Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, You're In For A Magical Pisces Season

by Valerie Mesa

There's a whimsical Pisces season headed our way, and while some might dread its ethereal haziness, and ambiguous ways, other have no shame basking in its delicious magic. For instance, these three zodiac signs will have the best Pisces season 2019, and it's because this astrological season compliments their overall essence: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Personally, I cannot get enough of this astrological season, but then again, I'm also a Cancer sun with a Scorpio Ascendant, and a Mars in Pisces. However, despite my eternal love for Pisces energy, this astrological season is just as magical as it is complex.

Bad news first: Pisces energy is elusive, hazy, lethargic, restless, and perhaps even deceptive at times. So much so, those born with Pisces influence in their birth chart are typically prone to escapism, and denial. For instance, a Pisces friend of mine once told me that when they absolutely dread the idea of something, they will purposely go out of their way to avoid the topic, thought, and scenario in general. Pisces can easily live in a dream state, which is why this energy is so incredibly deceptive. Then again, art, film, poetry and the magical lure of Hollywood glamour, is also influenced by Neptune, aka Pisces' planetary ruler.

Good news: anything's possible during Pisces season. (That's if you're not afraid to dream, of course.) Pisces knows absolutely no boundaries, as it is spiritual and all-encompassing. This is why the majority of musicians, and artists in general, are born under the sign of dreamy Pisces. What I'm trying to say is, don't be afraid to use your imagination during this time. TBH, I can't help but think of Walt Disney whenever I talk about Pisces energy. According to Astrotheme, Disney had ethereal Neptune sitting directly over his Midheaven, which represents his public persona, reputation, and career path.

It's no wonder we remember him for out-of-this-world theme parks and magical visions. Neptune is the planet of dreams, subconscious realms, and universal love. The possibilities are infinite, and if you really think about it, this energy stems from a number of dimensions. It's no wonder people such as Michelangelo and Albert Einstein were born under the sign of Pisces. Their language was universally complex and utterly sublime, but there's no use in trying to explain it. In the end, I think that's also what makes it so unique, and special. Anyway, I digress.

Here's what Pisces season has in store for the water signs:

Cancer: You're Ready To Take Off On A Magic Carpet Ride

Whether you've decided to sign up for an advanced astrology course, or perhaps planning a whimsical getaway with your S.O., your lust for life is over-the-top, and you're pretty much high on your feels. Here's the deal, Cancer: Some of you might be venturing into unknown territory, so don't take off your thinking cap just yet. However, make sure you let your heart be your guide.

Scorpio: You're Passion Feels Like It's Out Of This World

Your creative juices are flowing, and you're finally getting in touch with your repressed artist. Picasso, who? This is your season of love, and I'm not just referring to sex and romance, Scorpio babe. Granted, you can never have enough sex (we know), but self-love is also in the mix of this gorgeous cosmic elixir. Don't hold back. It's time to create.

Pisces: You're Feeling Like Your Magical Self Again

Happy solar return, you magical unicorn, you. What would we do without you, Pisces? Your compassionate personality combined with your magical mind and enigmatic mystery is truly one of a kind. Though your ocean of emotions can easily turn into a tidal wave, so you're not fooling anyone. Nevertheless, the sun is beaming over you, and you're feeling as energized and revitalized as ever. Take it all in, Pisces. Take it all in.