These 3 Zodiac Signs Might Have A Freaky Winter Solstice, So You're Basically Sabrina Spellman

by Valerie Mesa

Winter is here, and I always say this, but I automatically get in Game of Thrones mode whenever I mention anything related to winter, because the night is dark and full of terror, duh. Speaking of, these three zodiac signs will have a freaky winter solstice 2018, and it's because they'll probably feel the energetic shifts first hand: Gemini, Cancer, and Capricorn. Put it this way, stargazers: For starters, every single one of mother nature's seasons are completely unique from the other, and second, the energy of winter solstice is incredibly spiritual and complex. After all, it is the longest night of the year, right?

The winter solstice marks the day with the least amount of daylight, and longest period of darkness. Now, some of us don't pay much attention to this, while others all over the world celebrate its spirituality with ancient rituals. Although, come to think of it, everyone should at least acknowledge its symbolism, don't you think? Real talk, the first day of winter is a damn milestone. In fact, do yourself a favor, and look the hell around you. What have you accomplished this year? What did you lose? What did you gain?

Take a moment to sit with yourself in the darkness, and acknowledge the power of spiritual renewal, because that is exactly what this season is about. Release. Renew. Regenerate. Granted, we've been saying this all of 2018, but when referring to the first day of winter, there's no other way to put it. Now, keep this in mind: whatever you're letting go of, and experiencing in general, just know that this too shall pass. In fact, you'll know exactly what I mean once March rolls around. It's called spring solstice, and I guarantee you, there will be light. There always will be.

Nevertheless, here's what's in store for Gemini, Cancer, and Capricorn:

Gemini: There's Intensity In The Air

The air is thick, Gemini, and I know you can feel it. Once the sun enters Capricorn on winter solstice, it will begin energizing and revitalizing your sexy eighth house of sex and transformation. Granted, no one's complaining about the sex part obvi, but it's more about merging, mind, body, and soul with someone, and in the end, the act of surrendering. Things don't always go as planned, and when they don't, it's because there's something else in store. Sudden changes need to occur, in order for us to move forward, right? Well, if it wasn't for these unexpected transformations, a lot of us would probably stay in our comfort zone.

Cancer: The Yang To Your Yin

Winter solstice marks the beginning of Capricorn season, which also happens to be your polar opposite sign. Now, that's not to say that you'll experience a sudden shock or anything like that, but you'll definitely feel the shift. There's no escaping it. Pluto and Saturn are both in Capricorn, opposing your sign, restructuring you and rebuilding you from the ground up. Yes, I know it hasn't been the easiest road to endure, but just know, all of this is simply making you stronger. The north node is also in your sign, so your focus is on your family, and emotional foundation right now.

Capricorn: You Feel It In Your Bones

Happy birthday, Capricorn. Winter is here, and the sun is shining its blessed rays upon your zodiac sign. Your planetary ruler Saturn, along with Pluto, are traveling through your sign, so the sun will shed light on all that you've been restructuring, and renewing in your life. Winter solstice is incredibly powerful for you, and for so many reasons, but I think we can point out the obvious: It's your birthday season and solar revolution. Embrace every moment, and don't forget to celebrate your accomplishments, too.