These 3 Zodiac Signs Make The Best Managers, So Let's Hope They Hire You

Have you ever gone to an establishment and noticed that every single worker there looks unhappy? Then, have you visited different one and noticed a way more positive atmosphere? Chances are, these establishments are being managed by two very different people. It's undeniable what a difference a considerate, uplifting, and hardworking manager makes for a company. In fact, the way your manager chooses to behave has such an impact on your level of productivity at work and your overall satisfaction with your job. And, believe it or not, these zodiac signs make the best managers around: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Yes, these are all air signs. Coincidence? I think not.

The reason air signs are so great at managing others is that no other element is more in-tune with people. Air signs are skilled at communication, understanding other perspectives, cooperation, and making logical, rational decisions that are best for everyone. While no zodiac signs are perfect managers, air signs are capable of tailoring their managerial style to the specific needs of their employees in a way that so many others aren't. They thrive in a position where their voices are heard and they consider every possible angle before making a decision. So, if you're lucky enough to have an air sign for a boss, I wouldn't leave that job if I were you.

Gemini: Not Only Do They Not Micromanage, They're Also Super Fun

With a Gemini boss, you know that every single day at work will be an exciting and lively experience. They fear boredom with every fiber of their being and will do anything to make sure the office is amped up with positive energy. They're the type of boss to celebrate the end of the week with Friday afternoon cocktails and you'll probably brag about how unbelievably fun your work functions are. A Gemini manager is also very open-minded and they'll hear out every concern you have. The best part? You definitely won't find them hovering over your shoulder, scrutinizing every single move that you make.

Unfortunately, a Gemini boss is not without problems. They can also be incredibly disorganized, possibly even unpredictable. One minute, they'll let you off the hook, and the next, they'll unleash a disciplinarian monster. You don't always know what you're gonna get.

Libra: They're Kind To Everyone And The Most Diplomatic Boss Ever

The benefits of having a Libra superior are truly endless. They care very deeply about being a compassionate and motivating boss and will go above and beyond to put effort into their position. They're the type of manager to buy a birthday gift for every employee. They'll also be a shoulder for you to cry on when you're going through a rough time. All sentimentality aside, they're a calm and collected presence in the office, and they'll never play favorites either. If you ever experience conflict with another co-worker, they'll judge the situation fairly and make a decision that works for everyone.

Of course, not even a Libra boss is perfect. They can be extremely scatter-brained, leaving you to clean up their mess. They also have an issue with being straightforward and are known for resorting to passive aggressive behavior to let you know they're not happy with you.

Aquarius: They Break The Rules And Encourage You To Be Yourself

With an Aquarius boss, you've got a leader who takes care of their flock. They're all about team-effort and will make sure that all their employees are working together and creating something groundbreaking as a whole. They'll find a way to utilize your talents so that you can be successful under their guidance. They're also the quintessential rebels and are the first managers to try something unconventional at work. If you've got an idea, your Aquarius manager cares very deeply about it. In their perspective, you're all in this together.

However, just because an Aquarius manager is all about cooperation doesn't mean that they can't be stubborn. Being a fixed sign, it can be difficult to change their mind once they've made a decision. Since they're also known for being so innovative, they're known for experimenting with new practices at work that might just fail miserably.