These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Beyond Over The Cold Weather, So Don't Even Suggest Snow Angels

Have you heard? Supposedly, it's spring. Of course, if you're still battling snowstorms on you're way to work every morning and clenching your teeth with frustration as you bear the cold, it feels anything but. It may be April, but it might as well be January what with the layers of ice still coating everything. While some of us might weirdly be relishing the enduring winter wonderland, the rest of us resent their ridiculous optimism. If you need astrology to understand who's completely fed up, these three zodiac signs hate winter the most: Capricorn, Leo, and Cancer. They're done hearing those masochists talk about how "nice" the cold feels.

These signs are huddling close to the vents of heaters. They're the grumpiest of the bunch when they need to set foot outside in freezing temperatures. If you're wondering who's incessantly reminding everyone in the group just how cold it is, it's one of them. If they've run out of complaints, they're daydreaming of warmth. They're imagining lazy days at the beach while they're baking in the sun. If they're feeling especially fanciful, there's even a piña colada in this fantasy. All in all, they wish they were anywhere but in this ridiculous damn cold. It's spring; start acting like it, Mother Nature!

Capricorn: Nothing Is Getting Done In This Damn Cold

Capricorns tend to hate winter beyond all that is sacred. The tragedy is that their birthdays also happen to be during winter. Hey, it might explain why they also have a penchant for being so pessimistic and cranky. They were born into disappointing weather.

This is a fixed sign that likes having control over everything. They also like having an idea of what to expect in the future. When it's supposed to be spring but it still feels like winter, it screws up all their plans. A Capricorn has the next 10 years mapped out, let alone the next few months. If their teeth are still clattering when they were planning to wear a sundress and a light cardigan before frolicking in a rose garden, this sign is not just bummed out; they are straight-up pissed off. Proceed with caution when trying to inspire them to look on the "bright side" here. They don't want to.

Leo: Nothing Fun Is Happening Because It's Freezing Outside

A Leo just wants to go outside and be seen already. The spotlight can't reach them when they're bundling up in layers and breathing heat on their tingling hands. This is a sign that has been waiting impatiently for winter to be over before it even started.

These natural performers live to interact with the world and they need all their energy in order to be their most vibrant selves. For a sign that thrives on having all eyes on them, being too cold to actually go outside wrecks everything they stand for. They can't pose for their various Instagram photo ideas on the beach, nor can they show off their taste in fashion by wearing their most expensive dress to outdoor gatherings. I'm telling you: A Leo during a prolonged winter is suffering. They feel absolutely basic.

Cancer: I Haven't Left My House In Months

A Cancer is a homebody to begin with. During winter, they become full on hermits who hide away from the cold however they see fit. These sensitive guys expect a certain modicum of comfort wherever they go. If they don't receive it, you can expect their mood to take a dramatic shift. This is why they tend to spend the winter months cozying it up at home with a cup of hot cocoa and a Netflix marathon. Stepping outside and bracing the frigid weather sounds like the worst idea in the world to them. Chances are, they haven't seen the light of day in ages. If winter extends all the way into spring, it's even worse.

This is not to say they don't find the idea of winter beautiful. They love watching the snow fall from their windows while they set the thermostat to 80 degrees. But that's just it: They like winter in theory.