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These 24 Cozy Captions For Candles Will Light Up Your Feed

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As you snuggle in your flannel PJs and break out your winter skincare, lighting a few candles around the house make for the perfect cozy day in. These cozy captions for candles will light up your Insta and your heart so you can make the most of snug season.

Adding a touch of candlelight to your space just makes you feel so relaxed and at peace. Whether they are in the bath to set a #mood, or in your kitchen while you're whipping up some baked goods, it's a perfect way to enjoy some soothing scents. You can even add some essential oil candles by your bedside to create a relaxed reading atmosphere. You'll be all ready to snap some pictures and pair them with just the right cozy captions for candles.

Once you've gotten your wind down routine, you're ready to show it off. To really create an inspiring Insta that sparkles, grab a rejuvenating face mask and lounge on your couch with your candles in full grandeur. Or, you can gather your housemates for a rom-com movie night. Simply place your candles on your coffee table and have your roomies strike a pose. Set up a phone on self-timer to capture the moment. As you get creative showing off how much your candles make you glow with happiness, these cozy candle captions will light up your feed.

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1. "Light up my life with coziness."

2. "Nothing like a candlelit bath."

3. "I'm soy grateful for my cozy candles."

4. "You can't candle how cozy this is."

5. "It's just me, my face mask, and my eucalyptus candle against the world."

6. "It's time for a little re-wax-ation."

7. "This is such a cozy #mood."

8. "Cozy with my candle."

9. "You know what really blows my mind? This vanilla candle."

10. "Netflix, wine, and cozy candles."

11. "Just having a lighthearted evening."

12. "Smells like it's time for a WINE-down."

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13. "I haven't left this couch all day."

14. "This bath is #lit."

15. "Orange you glad I bought this citrus candle?"

16. "A glass of wine and a scented candle makes everything okay."

17. "The perfect Sunday means a candlelit movie night."

18. "I can't candle how good this smells."

19. "Smells like a cozy staycation."

20. "A candle and a book? Now that's a match made in heaven."

21. "Did someone say cozy up?"

22. "I could do my laundry, or I could light this cozy candle that smells like I did my laundry."

23. "Is it just me or does my skin look luminous today?"

24. "Peak coziness."

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