Two friends dressed up for Christmas sit at a table and light Christmas candles.

25 Insta Captions For Christmas Candles That'll Make Your 'Gram Glow

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Clear your countertops, because it's that time of the year to sniff every holiday-scented candle in order to find the right ones to keep your space smelling oh-so-Christmasy. While your followers won't be able to smell your candles for themselves, they will still enjoy you showing your festive candle pics off on the 'gram. You can find just the right caption to hint at just the right scent. To do that and really light up your feed, you'll need these Instagram captions for Christmas candles.

Since a lot of people post pictures of their Christmas candles, you can make your candle picture sparkle among the rest with just the right post. To show off your sweet-smelling snickerdoodle candle, pair it next to a glass of milk or hot cocoa, along with a witty caption about tempting Santa. You can even snap a photo of your candle next to a pile of textbooks and a freshly-brewed latte to share how you are enjoying your festive #WFH desk.

Because, really, what's Christmas without finding the right festive aroma to fill your space? Snuggling into your flannel pajamas isn't complete without lighting your flannel-inspired candle. These Christmas candle captions will not only put you in a merry holiday mood, but it will also inspire your friends to share a pic of their cozy setup, too.

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1. "Sorry, Santa, that's not a cookie; it's just my Christmas candle."

2. "WFH never smelled so much like Christmas."

3. "I can't candle that it's almost Christmastime."

4. "I was wick to pick up these balsam candles."

5. "It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas."

6. "Smells like I'm at a tree farm."

7. "I didn't even bake today and it smells like cookies."

8. "This holiday candle is going in the hall of flame."

9. "When the weather outside is frightful, you want a candle that's really delightful."

10. "All I want for Christmas... is another peppermint candle for my desk."

11. "It's beginning to smell a lot like the holidays."

12. "My Christmas candles are getting lit tonight."

13. "Pine-ing for this one."

14. "It's burn a good year, but it's even better now that I have my candles."

15. "Girl, don't burn my vibe."

16. "Roasting chestnuts... kind of."

17. "Can't catch this gingerbread candle."

18. "You can call me scent-erella, because I'm the princess of holiday candles."

19. "Sugar and spice, this smells so nice."

20. "This smells so much like coming home for Christmas."

21. "All I want for Christmas are my holiday-scented candles."

22. "Freshly-baked cookies or my Christmas candle? Let me know."

23. "Spiced up and ready for Christmas."

24. "It's that time of year..."

25. "Scent-ing you merry vibes, well wishes, and the perfect Christmas candle."

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