Belly Button Rings Are Back & Boob Jewelry Is In, According To Etsy

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Spring is in the air, and as you finally shed the weight of your winter coats and layers, it’s time to layer up the accessories. Just because you’ll need less clothes, though, doesn’t mean your accessory collection should be taking a hit, too, especially not this year. Eye-catching and grand are the buzz words to bring to your jewelry selections this year. And the 2020 jewelry trends, according to Etsy, are here to help you be your most stylish self. Be warned: There are a lot of throwbacks having a resurgence in popularity in the coming year.

In a press release shared with Elite Daily, Etsy revealed its spring jewelry trend breakdown to show what customers are buying, and the trends all over the board. The early 2000s have been on the rise in general, with G-string pants dominating runways and tracksuits everywhere. So for your throwback jewelry, expect to see the return of belly button rings, but with a 2020 makeover. For the most part, subtlety is not what people are searching for at all — even brooches à la your grandmother's style have spiked in search popularity on the retailer. But if that’s not quite your style, there are more minimalistic, softer trends to check out, too. If you’re ready to spruce up your spring accessories, check out the biggest trends from Etsy on the rise below.

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2020 Jewelry Trend: Birth Flower Jewelry

Maybe it's the anticipation of seeing the flowers again, but birth flower jewelry has had almost a 70% increase in searches on Etsy compared to last year. A dainty necklace with your birth month’s flower is a subtle new style in the personalized necklace trend. And as you wait for the world to bloom again, it's the perfect time to get yourself a flower that will never wilt. This Birth Flower Necklace ($35, Etsy) above has a delicate engraving of your birth month’s flower on a pendant and offers additional engraving if you want to give it as a gift. (Mother’s Day is right around the corner.)

2020 Jewelry Trend: Belly Button Rings

OK, OK, before your mom gets mad at you, no, you don’t have to pierce your belly button to partake in this trend. But with low-rise jeans and crop tops on the up and up, a little stomach ornament is necessary. Newer, 2020 versions of belly button rings are minimalistic and not as sparkly as their 2000s predecessors. Rather than a lot of bling, simple gold hoops have taken over. This dainty hoop Navel Ring ($11, Etsy) is available in rose and yellow gold, so you can pick your favorite metal.

2020 Jewelry Trend: Ear Cuffs

Constellation piercings aren’t going anywhere. The style of filling up your ear with lots of piercings is still going strong, and an easy way to add a new dimension to your constellation without getting a new piercing is an ear cuff. Etsy has every kind of ear cuff style you could want. From thick hoops to thin, sparkling ones, and even subtler options, you could fill up your entire ear without thinking about needles once. This Tiny Gold Ear Cuff ($13, Etsy) can be worn in an abundance of ear space. It requires no piercings and adds a little sparkle, whether worn alone or stacked. You can even get this cuff with turquoise stones if you prefer.

2020 Jewelry Trend: Grand-Millennial Jewelry

Now would be a great time to ask your grandmother if she has any jewelry she doesn’t wear anymore. Etsy titled this new trend the "grand-millennial trend" after the rise of “granny chic” style. Brooches have been the most popular piece of jewelry from this trend, but clip-on earrings, glasses chains, and lockets have risen in popularity, too. This Glasses Chain Gold ($24, Etsy) brings even more bling to your face. Whether you pair it with glasses or sunglasses, you’re sure to look cool.

2020 Jewelry Trend: Feminine Forms

As we move through Women’s History Month, more and more shoppers are turning toward jewelry depicting the feminine form. It’s too hot for boob hats, so why not switch it up with a boob necklace? Minimalistic for the most part, these styles are a fun way to celebrate womanhood in your everyday style. Talk about free the nipple with this Breast Shape Pendant Necklace ($20, Etsy). It comes in gold and is easy to layer other necklaces with.

2020 Jewelry Trend: Recycled Metal Jewelry

Sustainability is a hot topic, and everyone should be looking for ways to integrate sustainable shopping practices into their everyday life. If you're an eco-conscious shopper looking for recycled, reused, or reclaimed metals to stay sustainable and stylish, you're in luck, because recycled metals are trending like wild. TheHumbleThrift’s Recycled Gold Plated Abstract Pearl Earrings ($14, Etsy) are made with recycled hammered gold wire and pearl beads from secondhand jewelry, making them truly sustainable, and their unique shape and simple style add intrigue to any outfit.

2020 Jewelry Trend: Enamel

As great as gold and silver jewelry is, your jewelry box may be looking a little dull. Spring is a time for color, so break out of the norm with a fresh, new, colorful piece of enamel jewelry. This trend adds little shiny pops of color to any outfit, and enamel rings are especially popular right now. Available in white, red, orange, or turquoise, this Vintage Penguin Totem Pendant ($24, Etsy) is super cute and timeless. The penguins are featured in a unique, ‘70s-inspired style, while the bright colors will stand out with any outfit.

2020 Jewelry Trend: Beaded Earrings

Beaded earrings come in every style, from shoulder dusters to small, heart-shaped studs to geometric statement pieces, but they all bring the same unique style to any outfit. Not to mention, Meghan Markle was spotted in beaded earrings at the Mountbatten Festival of Music in London on March 7. These Triple Tangerines Orange Earrings ($27, Etsy) couldn’t be more perfect for summer with their bright colors and funky, on-trend fruit silhouette.

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