Here's Everything To Know About Trendy Constellation Piercings, Straight From The Pros

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Amid all the new trends blowing up red carpets and Instagram, one stands out: constellation piercings. It's a curated, night sky-inspired ear look that features at least three piercings artfully placed in an ear to create your own personal earring constellation. But before you run to the nearest piercing shop, here's what to know before getting a constellation piercing, according to pro piercers.

Also known as a "curated ear" or "earscapes," constellation piercings have been around for years but are now blowing up thanks to social media and tons of celebs. Zoe Kravitz, Scarlett Johansson, and Cynthia Erivo all rocked it at the 2020 SAG Awards; Hailey Bieber is seldom spotted without multiple hoops. Mostly using thin hoops and sparkly studs, the starry look is a perfect mix of dainty and flashy. No ear is the same, so no constellation piercing will look exactly the same, either. As temptingly beautiful as these piercings are, though, they require a little bit of planning and consideration. Luckily, pro piercers Sam Hayler of Astrid & Miyu and Cassi Lopez-March of So Gold Studios gave Elite Daily the scoop on everything you need to know before getting your own constellation.

Can I Get The Exact Constellation Piercing I Want?

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Ears are like thumbprints — everyone's are unique. This means what you can and can't do varies ear to ear. "Not everyone has the anatomy for multiple piercings, let alone a constellation. So being open to other options is key." Lopez-March says. If you are dead set on an earscape, Hayler suggests coming in with an open mind and being willing to take your piercer's suggestions on what works best for your ear.

Is A Certain Ear Shape Best?

"No ear shape is better than the other," Hayler says. So whether you fear your ears stick out, your lobes dangle, or your tragus is too triangular, there is nothing stopping you from indulging in the trend. However, the shape of your ear can affect how and where the piercings are placed. "It's less about the shape of the ear and more about the size of the area," Lopez-March explains. "An odd-shaped ear can make for a fun, unique look, but if an ear is too small, it can greatly limit what options you have."

How Many Piercings Can You Get At Once?


Both Hayler and Lopez-March agree it's best to get no more than three piercings through the cartilage in one sitting. "The more holes you get, the higher the risk of infection," Hayler states. "We also say a maximum of three, as generally, this is the most people can manage in one sitting, and it won’t be a shock to the system." The more piercings you get in one sitting, Lopez-March says, the more your ear will swell after the fact, and it'll take longer for your body to heal them. Be willing to take your time in accumulating the perfect constellation. It's better to start small than to have to start all over.

OK, So How Much Will It Hurt?

If the fear of pain or needles is holding you back, pros say not to fret. "Piercings are over super quickly, and you will feel more pressure than pain," says Hayler. Grab a friend's hand, close your eyes, and breath; it'll be over before you know it. If you feel a little more at ease now, know that advice carries through different parts of the ear. "There is no clear-cut, most-painful hole to get," Lopez-March says, "A piercing painful for one person may be different for their friend."

What About Infections?

As someone who has had multiple piercings for almost a decade, I can tell you infections aren't fun, so listen closely to you piercer's aftercare instructions. "Piercings often get more irritated than infected," Lopez-March says. So if you're afraid you got an infection, ask your piercer about it, so they can give advice specific to you. If you have multiple new holes, and you're afraid one of them got infected, Lopez-March warns that proximity affects the risk of them all getting infected, so it's best to check in sooner rather than later. As for the best solution, Hayler suggests following your piercer's aftercare guide will keep the chances of infection low.

So, How Much Is All This Gonna Cost Me?

If you've decided you're ready to follow through on your fantasy earscape, but you aren't sure if you'll be able to afford it, it's important to remember that piercings and jewelry prices can vary widely from shop to shop. "Wait until you're ready and have some money. You don't need to splurge on gold and diamonds, but the safe piercing practices and safe jewelry cost money, even at their cheapest," says Lopez-March. "Some places even offer discounts for multiple piercings." If you still aren't ready to make the financial commitment, Hayler says using temporary jewelry, like ear cuffs, will get you a similar look for a significantly lower cost. Whether you pierce your ear or not, have small lobes or big, there is a way for everyone to partake in this latest trend.