These 2019 Tattoo Trends Will Have You So Ready To Get Inked

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're thinking about finally getting inked this year but want to make 100 percent sure that your placement and design are on point, let the biggest 2019 tattoo trends as reported by Pinterest help guide your way to the parlor. Knowing what the masses are searching for (and therefore understanding what's trending in the tattoo world) might help you either conceptualize or finalize your own design and feel totally confident in the body art you're getting, so you can go ahead and schedule that appointment you've been nervously putting off.

Tattoos are one of the top most searched topics on Pinterest year after year, seeing as the visual discovery engine makes it easy for users to store designs that they like in one place and then show them to their artist. Winter Stone, tattoo artist to Miley Cyrus, Emma Roberts, Sophie Turner, and Demi Lovato, can personally attest to the power of the visual discovery engine as it related to tattoos. “Pinterest is often used as a tool for inspiration – I receive many boards from clients that shows a thought-out process of what they’d like to get when they see me," he noted in a press release. "Pinterest has been a very useful tool in many ways.”

So, what's trending, then? In terms of popular tattoo themes, those championing self-love and identity are hitting incredibly high search margins. "Inspirational tattoos" are up 1,448 percent; "Self-love tattoos" are up 1,320 percent; "Enjoy life tattoos" are up 353 percent; and "This is me tattoos" are up 368 percent. What could possibly be better to permanently ink on your body than a declaration of love for yourself? "Clients often come in to celebrate self-love. People use tattoos as a way of marking a significant moment in time, to celebrate or remember something special. I see more and more clients coming in with tattoo ideas that reflect self-love such as words of affirmation or tiny symbols to use little reminders to themselves," says Stone.

Additionally, searches for "lesbian tattoos," "transgender tattoos," "gay pride tattoos," and "power tattoos for women" are also way up — it's clear that people want to wear who they are loudly and proudly.

When it comes to specific designs, there is a rather surprising overlap when it comes to those searched by male-identifying and female-identifying users. The top searched designs in descending order for those who identify as male are wolf, rose, sleeves, lion, and old school, while the top searched designs for those who identify as female are small, flower, rose, sunflower, and finger tattoos. In short, if you're looking to get a rose tattoo don't expect to be the only one in the parlor opting for that design. I myself have a rose tattooed on my right upper arm—what can I say, it makes for beautiful ink!

And now, onto placement. Deciding where you'll get your tattoo can be one of the most stressful parts of the whole process, especially if you're getting something that errs on the side of large. Searches for "side boob" are up 2,337 percent, so that might be a great place to consider if you're getting something delicate and small. Leg tattoos are also having a moment: "lower leg" is up 1,625 percent, and "front thigh" is up 990 percent. Elegant spine tattoos are also trending, but the next few searches might have you scratching your head like I am doing as I write this. "Side neck for guys" is up 953 percent, "throat tattoos for women" is up 671 percent, and "under buttcheek" is up 538 percent. Um, ouch?! What happened to a good old arm tattoo, guys?

Ultimately, your tattoo is completely up to you, so take these searches with a grain of salt if none of them apply to what you're thinking. As with any art form, the more unique your ink, the better!