Next Year's Sandal Trends Are Going To Make All Your Other Shoes Look So Boring

If you live anywhere that gets remotely cold during the winter then chances are you're already dreaming of summer, now that the holidays are over. If you live somewhere where it regularly snows then those thoughts are probably multiplied by 1,000,000. Would it help to read about 2019 sandal trends? Because they're coming at you right now, which can only mean one thing: that spring really isn't that far away so summer isn't, either. Warm weather? Cute shoes? Good things are ahead!

The spring 2019 runways were filled with exciting and over-the-top styles, which speaks to the fact that fashion is getting more outrageous than ever. Colors, textures, pattern mixing, embroidery, embellishments—next year will be filled with all of these things, and lots of them from head to toe. From feather embellishments to intricate toe straps, the years sandal trends will reflect this extra-ness but in ways that I think you'll agree are super cool and wearable. Check them out below and shop a few pairs worth dreaming about.


Designers with the likes of Milly, Monse, and Michael Kors all sent sandals down the runway made of smooth, twisted rope. They're like the 2018 version of the gladiator sandal trend that ruled runways and streets a handful of years ago. They're sleek and interesting and could easily be dressed up with any skirt or trouser but the fact that they're rope also gives them a super beachy feel.


See-through shoes that Lizzie McGuire would approve of are back and they're cooler and more imaginative than ever. Alexa Chung sent gem-studded jellies down the runway, while Monse's style featured a PVC strap and rainbow ribbon ankle tie. No matter what your style is there will be a pair you can see yourself in. And through.


This trend is definitely one to reserve for more formal—or rather less outdoorsy—occasions due to its fragile nature. Feathers adorned the sandals of brands including Giambattista Valli, Simone Rocha, Valentino, MSGM, and more, adding an ethereal and at times delicate quality to the styles. They'd be perfect for dressier events that you don't feel like wearing heels to.


If feathers was the more elegant sandal trend then fringe just might be its party-loving sister. Longchamp, Oscar de la Renta, and more sent gorgeous styles down their runways that seemed to dance with every step, thanks to the suede and chain fringe adorning them. Whether you're into styles that reach your mid calf or tend to stick with less dramatic styles, this trend is one to try out.

Toe Straps

Finally, this trend is anyone who wishes they could wear flip flops to every event, no matter how dressy it is. Sandals with interesting toe straps are going to be big, and while a strap might seem like a trivial design element, you only need to look to the spring runways of Prabal Gurung, Chloe, and Tibi to see what a huge statement they can make. A loop around the big toe; a strap reaching across your foot—sometimes the small things matter most.

Dream on, summer. We're coming for you.