These Advent Calendars For Dogs Are Filled With So Many Treats For Your Pup

Courtesy of Sam's Club

With the spookiest night of the year just a few days away, I'm more than ready to bid Halloween adieu and embrace the merry-making vibes and delicious eats that accompany the holidays. Luckily, it's easier (and tastier) than ever for fur babies to get in on the spirit of the season, thanks to these 2019 advent calendars for dogs that are already making appearances at your favorite retailers. Here are all the treat-filled holiday countdowns that your pup will want to get his or her paws on.

Over the last few years, advent calendar mania has become a very real thing, and it feels like there's an offering for every holiday enthusiast in your life. Now that numerous calendars filled with boozy drink and sweets have already been making an appearance, I'm happy to say that your four-legged friend has numerous options to get in on the fun this year. Following in the footsteps of Trader Joe's popular dog advent calendar from 2018, many other grocers and retailers are now trying their hand at tail wag-inducing offerings. As every fur parent knows, there's few things in life that your pup loves more than his or her favorite treats, and there are so many festive options to choose from.

One choice that caught my eye was the new Sam's Club Advent Calendar for Dogs, which comes with "55 grain-free meat treats," according to press materials. That's quite a bit more deliciousness than you'll get in a standard 24-day advent calendar, so you can either give your dog double the love or start the countdown even earlier. Per a Sam's Club rep, the superstore is currently offering these colorful products in "select clubs" as well as online for just $9.98, which is honestly a complete steal for all the tasty treats you're getting.

The best part is that these treats are grain-free and all-natural with only two ingredients, which is a life-saver if your pet is intolerant or sensitive to certain additives. Per press materials, flavors include "duck fillet, chicken hamburger, chicken bites, and turkey bites," among other choices, so your dog won't get bored leading up to the holidays.

In your fur baby's opinion, there's no such thing as too many dog treats, so I'd also recommend checking out the DreamBone Rawhide-Free Dog Chews Advent Calendar on Amazon. While they are slightly more expensive than the Sam's Club choice at $14.99, I do like the fact that you'll be getting some fun shapes and ingredients in the mix and that your pup can spend an hour or so amusing him or herself by chewing on these bites. According to the product description, your 24-count calendar will come with eight sweet potato Mini bones, eight mini Candy canes, and eight mini chicken wrapped sticks.

Meanwhile, your furry meat-lover will also want you to check out the Meat Treats Advent Calendar from GoodBoy on Amazon, which is currently retailing for $13.67. According to the product description, you'll be getting a mix of chewy chicken strips, duck bites, crunchy chicken and calcium bones, chewy chicken dumbells, chewy chicken stars, and chicken bites in your colorful calendar.

Again, these are just a few of the many choices that you can pick from in the coming months, so I'd browse through and figure out what works best for you and your fur baby before the holidays come around.