The First Full 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' Trailer Is Here & Cyberspace Never Looked More Fun

Walt Disney Studios

Your favorite arcade game characters are getting a massive upgrade. The upcoming sequel to Disney's 2012 video game mashup Wreck-It Ralph will upload Ralph and his plucky pal Vanellope von Schweetz into the internet, where they are sure to cause even more digital chaos than ever before. And now the first full Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer is here to give fans an idea of what two retro arcade game heroes exploring the vast, ever-updating internet is going to look like.

The new trailer does not detail much about the plot of the movie, focusing instead on showing off the bright, energetic world of the internet. When the arcade owner enables Wifi, Vanellope convinces Ralph to check out the new portal that appears in their gaming central station. Turns out, that leads them into the internet, where Ralph comes literally face-to-face with living pop-up ads, peruses a live eBay auction hall, and accidentally turns a cute smartphone game into a gruesome experience. With all that havoc, it's no wonder the sequel is officially entitled Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2.

Although the Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer only shows a small bit of what we know about the upcoming movie, it is still a totally fun and energetic watch. Check out the new trailer below, and then we can get into all the details about the movie.

As fans will recall, the first Wreck-It Ralph movie saw video-game exile Ralph go on a journey of self-discovery throughout the world of arcade games, eventually meeting a fellow exile, the glitchy Vanellope von Schweetz. Ralph helps train Vanellope to win a high-stakes car race within her game Sugar Rush, and when she crosses the finish line, she regains the memory that she is in fact the game's main character Princess Vanellope.

The sequel will pick up some time after those events. Director Rich Moore explained to Entertainment Weekly that the new plot will revolve around a part of Vanellope's game that breaks, forcing her and Ralph to enter the internet to try and find a fix:

A part in Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush breaks, and in order to preserve that and save the way of life they have in the arcade, they go to this very modern place, which is going to put their friendship to the test.

The setting of the internet puts a particular strain on Ralph and Vanellope's friendship, with Ralph continually confused by all the modern tech surrounding him and Vanellope fully embracing the upgrade. The creative team teases that while Ralph bumbles his way through the internet, Vanellope may actually find her tribe within the exciting and fast-paced new environment.

Walt Disney Studios

The movie is also going to introduce some fun new characters, such as Yesss, a trendy internet concierge voiced by Taraji P. Henson. And it will also bring back favorites from the first movie, including Jack McBrayer as the happy-go-lucky handyman Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Jane Lynch as the tough-as-nails war game heroine Sergeant Calhoun. Oh, and for an added bit of fun, the new movie will also include a cameo from every Disney princess voiced by their original voice actresses, who pop up when Ralph and Vanellope visit Disney's website.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see any of these characters in this first trailer... but hey, they have the entire internet to explore — of course they can't cover everything in a two-minute trailer! We can expect even more exciting details about Ralph Breaks the Internet to drop in the coming months, before the highly-anticipated animated sequel drops in theaters on November 21, 2018, the day before Thanksgiving.