The One Thing That Will Annoy You On Spring Break, According To Your Sign

Planning your spring break vacation is bound to be fun, but sometimes, it can come with a couple complications. For example, I always seem to find myself traveling with others, and I'll admit, I'm not always a great group traveler. It could be the Taurus in me, but when I travel, I like to camp out somewhere nice, isolated, and wander about and explore at my own pace. But hey, sometimes you just have grin and bear it when you travel with friends, and whatever you think will be the worst part of your spring break is usually something you can handle at the end of the day.

My advice? Go into the experience feeling as prepared as you can possibly be. Since your zodiac sign always gives a little insight into your personality quirks, I've prepared a little guide as to what might be in store for you during your upcoming spring break vacation — the good and the bad — and how to prepare for it all.

But listen, my fellow star-dwellers: If I can survive a group trip to Costa Rica with a family of daily adventurers who literally switched hotels every two days, you can survive anything, too. No matter what part of the zodiac rules your moods, you've got this covered, spring breakers.

TFW No One Is Following The Plan, Capricorn

You get sh*t done, Cap. You're the type of person who will not be waiting on line all day at the Louvre if you're traveling to Paris this spring break. You're more likely to be en route to a scheduled lunch, and TBH, you might already have your order in at the restaurant before you even arrive.

But the thing is, Cap, some of the crew might not be quite as down with getting it all done as you are. There's two things to note here: First of all, you can always, always go off on your own and have the day you want, if you really want to. Secondly, you can challenge yourself to see what it feels like to let someone else take over, and just go with the flow.

It Might Be Much, Much Too Loud In That Club, Pisces

You're a gentle soul, and you love to be amenable to others and have a good time. But sometimes, your fellow travelers choose places that are hard on your little fish spirit.

Don't be hard on yourself if you'd prefer an evening stroll on your own or curling up with a book when the day comes to a close.

Aquarius, You Won't Always Be Able To Do Exactly What You Want

You want to spend the day at the beach, because that is why you freakin' went to Mexico in the first place, and everyone else wants to go on a hike. WTF?

You tend to feel like you're right and everyone else is wrong, at times, but consider compromising when the opportunity presents itself. Your friends may want to hike today, so how about planning to hit the beach tomorrow? It might make things run just a little bit more smoothly in the long run.

Taurus, You Might Not Be On The Same Page As Your Travel Companions

You and your spring breaker friends are off to the museum, to the beach, to the nightclub — when the hell does it end? You'd probably rather sit on a nice chair in the shade and read, wander around until you find the best local lunch you can, and then maybe take a dip and a nap.

Taurus, if you have really Type-A vacationers on your trip, this might just disrupt your regular lackadaisical flow. You're a homebody, even on vacation, so remember to keep that in mind when you pick your travel partners this spring break.

Nobody Wants To Party ALL Night, Leo

You love the nightlife, and you're always down to boogie, Leo. Even if you've already been on your feet all day or out in the sun, you are 100 percent down to stay up until 4 a.m. refilling your cocktail of choice and dancing, dancing, dancing. Not everyone has that kind of stamina, lion friend, so respect others' boundaries, and remember not to be that friend who peer-pressures everyone else in the group.

Libra, You're Getting Burnt Out Trying To Please Everybody

While other people want to do what they want to do, you want everyone to do what everyone wants to do, so that everyone can be happy. You aim to please, Libra, that's why you're such a social butterfly, and why so many people love to be in your company. But when you reach the point of burning out, you're not doing anyone any favors at all anymore, especially not yourself.

Be a flexible and friendly travel companion, but don't stretch yourself too thin and feel like it's your job to keep everyone satisfied. It's not, trust me! Focus on doing you, and having the time of your life.

Aries, You Might Lose It When People Take Forever To Get Ready

Patience is a virtue, but it may not be one you've quite mastered yet, Aries. It's cool, no biggie. But while you're down there in the hotel lobby for 20 minutes while everyone else is still getting their dinner clothes on, consider bringing a book and your headphones instead of tapping your feet and sending passive aggressive texts.

You're Done With People Telling You To Relax, Virgo

You might be the type to continue answering work emails on vacation, which might bother some people, and it may bother you that it bothers them. See what I'm saying? So you might, just might, start getting annoyed with how often people tell you to "be here now" and put your phone down.

Try setting aside an hour or so in the morning or evening on your vacay that you can dedicate solely to work, and then outside of that time frame, it's all about downtime, relaxation, and making the most of your spring break.

Cancer, You Get A Little Overwhelmed When You're Around People 24/7

Maybe you're sharing a beach house with people in Costa Rica, or you and your SO are crammed into a tiny room with a twin bed somewhere in Europe. Either way, a Cancer gal needs her alone time (especially since you can get a little moody from time to time), which can often be hard to come by on a vacation.

Even though it seems impossible to find time to yourself on a vacation, there are bound to be a few small opportunities; you just have to seize them when they're available. Whether it means taking a walk, or getting up a little earlier for breakfast, it will definitely make a difference.

Your Truth Bombs Might Get You In Trouble, Sagittarius

As usual, Sag, you do not have a problem telling people about themselves. So when you start getting annoyed with your BFF for borrowing your bathing suit without asking, you might be the one to just go off.

Try to hold your tongue, no matter how irritated you get with people, and you'll find keeping the peace has a lot more benefits than you might imagine.

Gemini, Everyone Keeps Asking You What You Want

Where do you want to eat? What do you want to do? Which bed do you want to sleep in? It's too much sometimes! You don't like making decisions as it is, so having people constantly on top of you and asking for your input feels both annoying and overwhelming.

You have two choices (I know, I know, another choice to make, but hear me out): You can either go with the flow and let other people helm the whole thing, or you can just shout out the first decision that comes to mind and stick to it.

Scorpio, You Think People Keep Leaving You Out Of All The Fun

The emphasis here is on the word "think." It seems like all your pals are pairing off and leaving you behind on activities, and you're the only one who has their own room.

Quell your jealous spirit, my friend, and reassure yourself that the real likelihood here is that you're getting yourself into a tizzy for no reason. Just relax. You are on vacation, after all.