The cast of The Wilds.

‘The Wilds’ Is Coming Back For Season 2 To Explore The Island’s Mysteries

Amazon Studios

The Wilds is officially coming back for Season 2. The first season of Amazon's teen castaway drama, which arrived on Dec. 11, proved to be a twisty and addictive tale of survival and the complex lives of teenage girls. Now, The Wilds Season 2 renewal means you'll learn much more about the island that the main characters find themselves stranded on, too.

Season 2 was announced on the show's official Twitter account, which broke the news by sharing a video of the cast celebrating with the caption, "did someone say season 2??"

Warning: spoilers for Season 1 of The Wilds follow. The show centers on a group of eight very different teen girls, who are forced to band together for survival and face their own inner demons after a plane crash leaves them trapped on a remote island. However, the twist was that that the characters didn't end up there by accident — the life-or-death situation they found themselves in was part of a shady psychological experiment called The Dawn of Eve, in which mastermind Gretchen hoped to find out what young women would do in a new society outside of the patriarchy.

Things got even stranger in the Season 1 finale, when it was revealed that a similar island experiment called The Twilight of Adam was being conducted on a group of teenage boys. To quote Leah in the last line of Season 1: "What the f*ck?!"

Thankfully, a Season 2 renewal means that The Wilds fans will get some much-needed answers, and learn even more about the main characters. The show's cast also has plenty of questions about what will happen next.

"The question is, what are [Gretchen and her team] after? What are they interested in learning?" Sarah Pidgeon, who plays Leah, told Elite Daily. "Is it that matriarchal societies run more efficiently and less violently, more egalitarian than a patriarchal society? If so, then I think we'd have to see how the boys' island contrasts to the girls' experiences."

Hopefully, viewers will also get to see the girls get even more answers about what happened to them on their island in Season 2.

"There's still questions to be asked, like who was in charge of The Dawn of Eve? Is Gretchen working in connection with someone?" Pidgeon continued. "I'd be interested to see if the girls can really stick together and take down the 'man' that brought them there."

The Wilds Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video now.