Westworld Season 3

The 'Westworld' Season 3 Premiere Date Is Officially Around The Corner

by Ani Bundel

When Westworld first premiered in the fall of 2016, it was HBO's most prominent series since Game of Thrones. But the story has since expanded from the initial premise of an android host rebellion in a faux western theme park. By the time Season 2 ended in the summer of 2018, Dolores was about to leave the park for good to sow chaos in a new setting: the real world. The Westworld Season 3 premiere date promises in the spring of 2020, the future will be now.

With Dolores exiting of the worlds within the Delos Inc. system, fans have very little idea of where the story goes next. That's how Westworld likes it, with showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy keeping details of the new season tightly under wraps. Other than the subtitle for this season, "The New World," there's little to nothing viewers know, other than the casting of a few big names: Aaron Paul, Lena Waithe, Kid Cudi, and Marshawn Lynch. Theories have run wild, from the idea that Dolores will destroy the outside world when she discovers how robots are treated, to the "Outside World" merely being yet another park keeping Dolores trapped inside.

The new trailer announcing the series premiere once again confirms nothing. But it does seem to suggest Dolores' exit from the park isn't just a dream.

The trailer also adds some events to the Westworld timeline as viewers know it. As fans may recall, the earliest days of Delos' development of Westworld began in 2015, and the initial timeline in Season 1 occurred in 2019, with the present-day estimated to be in the 2050s.

This trailer adds in some of the major things going on outside the park during its development. Real-life events, like the Hong Kong protests and Trump's Impeachment, are listed as "divergences" that happen in 2019. The show then goes on to add fantasy elements to these historical occurrences: Ecological collapse in Indonesia later this year, an assassination of the President-Elect in 2024, a thermonuclear incident in Paris in 2025, and a Russian Civil War in 2037.

But then notice that the timeline jumps back to around 2030, but labeled:

2039: System Initiated. Undisclosed location, 0.06 'Solomon' Build.

And all those calamities, those "divergences" suddenly disappear. Where did they go? Did man build a time machine? Did computers go back to 2030 and wipe these calamities from human consciousness?

Whatever humans attempted to do, they didn't account for the most significant divergence of all: Dolores' entrance into their world, which occurs on Feb. 27, 2058. And it looks like she's about to blow it all to hell.

Westworld III premieres on Mar. 15, 2020.