This 'Westworld' Season 1 Timeline Will Help You Mentally Prepare For Season 2's Premiere

by Ani Bundel

One of the most confusing things about Westworld Season 1 was the timeline of events. Due to Hosts reliving memories wholesale instead of as misty fuzzy images like humans, some scenes were set at multiple points in time with a Host both experiencing and remembering at the same time. This made the Westworld Season 1 timeline really hard to untangle, until the finale.

The finale helped fans put together a timeline of the series, both thanks to finally explaining how things work and a promo released that week. Said promo (now deleted from the website, sadly) showed security cam footage of Maeve leaving the Westworld offices to get on the train and escape, the same day that Ford introduces his "new narrative" to the Board. That security footage was dated June 15, 2052.

Working backward, 30 years ago would be 2022. But Dolores, when asked by Ford when she last spoke with Arnold, replies "Last contact: 34 years, 42 days, seven hours ago." This takes place just before she heads out on her long loop, about a week or so before the New Narrative is put in place. When you do the math, that places Arnold's death as taking place this year, 2018.

And so our timeline runs like this.


  • Arnold Weber and Robert Ford begin their work on Westworld
  • Dolores is designed and created


  • The Hosts begin to pass the Turing Test
  • Dolores and Arnold's regular chats begin
  • Other Hosts are brought online during this period like Teddy, Angela, Armistice, and Lawrence's daughter
  • Escalante is opened for beta-testing the Hosts
  • Arnold creates Ford's Host family for him as a gift


  • Ford begins pushing for Arnold to consider investors
  • Delos gets involved (Perhaps as an angel investor?)
  • Arnold's son Charlie dies
  • Arnold begins to push Dolores to solve the Maze


  • Dolores completes her "Long Loop" journey to Escalante. She finds the Maze in the graveyard. She does not make the leap to free will as Arnold had hoped.
  • Arnold and Ford fight over opening the park. Arnold insists they cannot go through with it, that the Hosts have consciousness. Ford panics at the idea.

End of April (or the very beginning of May) 2018

  • Arnold and Dolores' last conversation
  • The Massacre at Escalante
  • Dolores kills Arnold at his behest

Summer/Fall 2018

  • Ford picks up the pieces, reboots the Hosts, and slowly works to open the park by the beginning of the next year
  • Ford secretly draws up designs for and begins working on an Arnold Host


  • Westworld opens
  • William becomes engaged to Juliet Delos
  • Logan Delos takes his brother-in-law-to-be to Westworld
  • Dolores is knocked off her Modest Loop for reasons never revealed
  • William meets Lawrence (El Lazo)
  • Dolores takes her Long Loop to Escalante (now dismantled), which William follows
  • William becomes convinced the park is the future of technology
  • Delos becomes the major shareholder of Westworld


  • William marries Juliet (~2020)
  • Emily is born (~2021)
  • The Arnold Host is brought online and renamed Bernard (~2025)
  • At some point, William becomes the heir to Delos over Logan
  • William visits Westworld for vacation almost every year
  • Theresa Cullen visits the park as a child
  • Dolores occasionally is knocked off her Modest Loop and retraces her Long Loop to Escalante, which is never there.
  • Theresa becomes Head of QA and starts an affair with Bernard (~2049)


  • Juliet commits suicide
  • William returns to the park, and for the first time doesn't follow a narrative.
  • Maeve undergoes an extreme malfunction when William shoots her daughter, revealing the Maze
  • Maeve is reintroduced to the park as the Brothel Madame at Mariposa.


  • Ford, concerned that the Board is going to replace him, begins placing the Arnold code in Hosts in preparation for the "New Narrative"
  • Charlotte Hale orders Theresa to retrieve a data package, which she claims is the IPs to the hosts as a backup for when Ford is pushed out, and send it out of the park.
  • Persons as yet unknown reprogram Maeve to escape the park for the assumed purpose of gathering IP data

June 2052

  • William arrives for vacation, determined to solve the Maze
  • Peter Abernathy accidentally finds a photograph from the real world, triggering his Arnold coding early.
  • Before he can be decommissioned, he triggers Dolores, who then triggers Maeve.
  • Ford checks with Dolores, who states that she is fine and has not heard Arnold's voice, lying to her creator.
  • Elsie uncovers both Theresa's plot and Ford's, and is subsequently removed
  • Theresa and Charlotte attempt to fire Bernard with a reprogrammed Clementine.
  • Bernard kills Theresa on Ford's orders
  • Dolores walks her Long Loop for the final time, arriving to find Escalante restored.
  • Maeve begins killing herself over and over, in order to gain upgrades.

June 15, 2052

  • Dolores is uploaded with the Wyatt program, giving her her own voice to listen to
  • Maeve attempts her escape, only to turn back at the last second
  • The New Narrative is introduced
  • Ford is killed

Westworld Season 2 will pick up at some point later in 2052 when it returns. The show debuts the week before Arnold Weber dies, on April 22, 2018 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.