Watch Shawn Mendes Drop Camila Cabello During Their Sexy Dance Scene

by Jamie LeeLo

I don't know how else to put this: the "Señorita" music video is hot AF. Like, uncomfortably sexy. Like, an I-feel-like-I-should-watch-this-alone kind of thing. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are giving off vibes, baby, and the music video for their latest collaboration is taking their fans and YouTube by storm. Everyone needs a cold shower, is what I'm trying to say. To cut the tension, may I introduce this video of Shawn Mendes dropping Camila Cabello during their dance scene rehearsals? Fortunately, it is a breath of (awkward) fresh air in an otherwise suffocatingly steamy room.

Phew. Someone hose me down.

Late on Monday, June 24, Mendes posted a 6-minute behind-the-scenes video of the making of the "Señorita" music video on YouTube. The footage featured lots and lots of dance rehearsals for the few moments Cabello and Mendes twirled in that dark, pink-lit room in the final product. In the video, Cabello slinks and slithers all around Mendes before he ultimately picks her up and leans her against a wall in what we all know is the ultimate sexy move of all time. The dance choreography also features one brief moment where Cabello falls backward only to be caught by Mendes' strong tattooed arms (not that I am paying crazy close attention to his strong, tattooed arms or anything).

In the BTS video, we see Mendes sweat the dance, especially after accidentally dropping Cabello in the aforementioned move. Cabello essentially slammed into the ground while the camera captured a totally shocked Mendes. "I can't just drop Camilla Cabello. I can't do that again or I feel like it's over for me," he sincerely told cameras.

Later, when it came time to shoot the video, Mendes revealed to cameras he was most anxious about their big dance scene. While strumming a guitar in front of a dressing room mirror (as if it's literally staged or something) he explained, "We have a lot of stuff to shoot today, man," adding, "I feel nervous to do this dance. The first scene is the dance scene, which is the thing I’m most nervous about, but maybe that’s good?"

Ultimately, it looks like it ended up working in their favor considering they totally got the shot. Like, totally.

You can see Mendes drop Cabello at the 1:20 timestamp in the link below or just watch the whole thing for funsies.

Fans who are salivating at the mouth (like me) might also be interested in seeing Mendes talk out how his shirt should come off (this is important work, you guys) with director Dave Meyers. Scrub to 3:55 for the goods. (You're welcome.)

For reference, the complete dance scene takes up just a few moments in the final music video, though a montage of Mendes and Cabello almost kissing seems to last a lifetime. Bless it.

Fortunately, it looks like there is more behind-the-scenes goodness where this came from, considering the video is called "Part 1." Frankly, I don't know what else fans need other than the dress rehearsals and the ins and outs of Mendes wardrobe technicalities, but whatever.

Keep it coming, Shamila! Thank you for this gift.