Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello's Chemistry Is Sizzling Hot In Their New Video

by Jamie LeeLo

You know what I needed that I didn't know I needed? Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's "Señorita" music video. First of all, these two were meant to make hits together. Second of all, what's more fun than watching a fictional love story play out by two of your favorite song makers that are totally just friends who happen to have sizzling hot chemistry? Together, Mendes and Cabello brought this new sultry track to their joint fanbase at midnight on Friday, June 21, and people are soaking it up.

The scene is set in an old-timey diner with Mendes giving his best James Dean impression and Cabello serving me neck scarf fashion like it is her job. (Well, in the music video it is her fictional character's literal job to wear the scarf as part of her waitressing uniform, but you guys get what I'm saying.) Mendes is a motorcycle-riding hottie who stops by the diner Cabello works at and he seems to fall madly in love with her as soon as he spots her. From there, the star-crossed lovers embark on a sexy fling. They go dancing. They ride on his motorcycle. They come this close to kissing while getting steamy on a bed.

Shamila shippers: You are NOT prepared for this! But press play below anyway. You won't regret it!

Yum, right?

There's no denying that these two have wild chemistry. In 2015, their collaboration hit "I Know What You Did Last Summer" reached the top 20 long before either of them was as radically famous as they are today. It makes sense that after four-plus years of carefully curating their own individual solo careers that these two have linked back together.

A pre-save and pre-add feature became available in advance of the music video's release on the new shawncamila.com website that appeared when none of us were looking. To be fair, the hyperlink linked back to Mendes' own website where fans found an identical landing page.

According to various interviews, both Cabello and Mendes have given over the years, the two really do seem to be in each other's music brains. In fact, Mendes once told Entertainment Tonight he's never worked with someone he's "clicked with" as much as Cabello. I'd say "OK, Shawn, it sounds like you two should probably get married!" but Cabello is still reportedly in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Matthew Hussey.

Fans are also still anxiously awaiting her impending new album, though there aren't a ton of details for her followers to go off of.

At a Spotify panel on June 18, she did share this info: "I’m itching to just get back out there... I feel like I’m pretty much done with this album and the great thing about being able to have a career in the arts is that you grow along with your craft and it teaches you so much about yourself." She went on to explain that in the past, she was using her imagination to write emotional music but that her new body of work will be based on "real things that are happening in real time."

Well, in my real life in real time, I'm still drooling over this "Señorita" music video. Thanks, Shamila.