Kim K's Reaction To Backlash Over Calling Kourtney The "Least Exciting To Look At" Is LOL

by Karen Ruffini

Is there ever a day that goes by that there isn't drama surrounding at least one Kardashian sibling? The answer is obviously LOL, no. And a lot of the time, the drama usually involves more than one Kardashian, where two (or more!) siblings get into a massive fight and throw shade at each other. Do you remember Kim Kardashian's comments about Kourtney's looks this past summer on Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Well, friends, the topic has finally rolled back around on the show, and this video of Kim Kardashian reacting to backlash over dissing Kourtney's looks is actually pretty funny. Siblings, amirite?

So here's what happened. On Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we see Kim, Kourtney, and Scott all lounging together on a couch, discussing the reactions to the fight that went down after Kourtney couldn't shift her schedule around for a family photo shoot last summer. If you don't remember that now-infamous episode, let's just say that things got pretty heated, and Kourtney ended up walking out of the room with Kim telling Khloé and her mom, "I need Kourtney to not be so f*cking annoying with a stick up her *ss like she f*cking runs this sh*t ... She’s the least exciting to look at."

You can watch the scene play out below:

That sh*t is harsh, man.

So now, fast forward to present day, where Kim reveals that she's faced a ton of backlash over the insults she hurled at Kourtney.

"Oh my god; people are going so crazy," Kourtney says to Kim and Scott. "People hate Kim from her comment on the show."

Since Scott is not totally ~in the know~ about the fight, Kim tries to explain what went down.

"We got into a fight. I said, 'You're the least exciting to look at,'" Kim said, adding, "What I meant is you're the most boring. People think that is like I said, 'Kill your mom.'"

Am I the only one who thinks that comment made things slightly worse? Kim is telling Kourtney that when she said "least exciting to look at," she meant "most boring." That's a back-handed apology if I've ever heard one.

The two sisters are seemingly over it, but Kourtney notes that they should "not justify" the argument.

"But that's your sister! You say bad things about her too," Scott says. "You call her a porn star every time I talk to you."

Pause for a slow clap.

The topic then veered towards how some fans believe that Kourtney should be grateful to her sister and to "thank Kim for your career," to which Kourtney replied, "I was gonna write back and say, 'If it wasn't for my personality and being funny then our show wouldn't exist.'"

Scott laughs, sarcastically telling Kourtney, "For sure, without you this whole thing would be dead."

Classic Lord Disick right there.

You can watch Kim's erm, clarification about what she meant to say to Kourtney below:

Look, I'm glad to see the two siblings casually talking about the meltdown, but maybe in the future, Kim can perhaps think for a minute before she speaks so that she doesn't get herself into situations like this in the first place.

Not like that's gunna happen, but a girl can dream.