BTS' First Performance Of "Make It Right" Was Super Simple, But Packed An Emotional Punch


BTS is really ramping up their promotion of Map of the Soul: Persona and they’ve just kicked off their comeback in their homeland of Korea! The boys hopped a flight back to Korea after their comeback performance on Saturday Night Live to perform more songs off their new album. And BTS ARMY will be happy to know that “Make It Right” was one of the songs they performed. The video of BTS’ first performance of “Make It Right” on M Countdown will definitely blow you away!

While appearing on M Countdown, BTS performed a total of three songs. In addition to “Make It Right,” they also performed “Boy With Luv” and “Dionysus.” So, they performed a pretty decent set of songs from Map of the Soul: Persona (quite literally, half the tracklist).

But when it came to “Make It Right,” fans were especially anxious to hear and see a live version of it. The reason? Well, it’s the one song on Map of the Soul: Persona that Ed Sheeran had a hand in creating and BTS fans have been waiting forever for a BTS/Ed Sheeran collaboration.

In a press release previously provided to Elite Daily, “Make It Right” was described as “delicate” and “exciting.” And fans got a glimpse of all that during the boys’ performance on M Countdown. And the boys really delivered an impactful performance, mostly because it was a simple performance that really put the boys' live vocals and ability to connect with their fans in the audience on display. Wearing casual outfits — button-downs and jeans — the boys simply stood on stage and focused on singing the song while exploring the stage and giving each portion of the audience their attention. That, added to the fact that you could hear the audience belting out every word, made really beautiful and it'll probably make you emotional.

If you haven’t seen the video of BTS’ performance on “Make It Right” on M Countdown, then you definitely need to take a minute and watch. Here’s how it went down:

It goes without saying that this song was a perfect choice for BTS’ Korean comeback. The first performance of "Make It Right" is such a huge deal. I’m sure the fact that Ed Sheeran penned the song also made the performance even more special. What’s more indicative of BTS becoming a mainstream act than the fact that Ed Sheeran is writing songs for them? Sheeran even shared something on Instagram about it:

Another sign that they’ve reached a pinnacle in their success is the fact that younger artists are looking to them for advice. And they’re more than happy to give it. At a recent press conference for Map of the Soul: Persona, some members of BTS opened up about what it means to be successful and how new artists need to forge their own path.

During the conference, Suga explained that he wants to see new artist doing their own thing instead of trying to emulate those who came before them.

“I do not think such thing as a second-generation BTS or second-generation anything exists. We also had heroes of our own when we were young, but we are BTS now. I hope completely different artists will be born instead of a second-generation BTS,” he said.

And V offered some words of encouragement about pushing through failure.

“I want to tell them to not be discouraged by sudden failures or wounds they might get while practicing and putting in their effort. That’s a step that will help them to climb up the stairs. It will eventually turn into a memory and makes them go to higher places,” he explained.

So, BTS has really achieved icon status to the point where young music artists are looking at them as heroes and role models. Amazing!