BTS Just Revealed Which Track Ed Sheeran Wrote On 'Map Of The Soul: Persona'

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BTS fans have waited a long time for the guys to collaborate with Ed Sheeran. And it looks like Map of the Soul: Persona is going to provide ARMYs with the collab they’ve been anticipating! So, what Map Of The Soul: Persona track did Ed Sheeran write? According to a press release provided to Elite Daily, Sheeran had a hand in penning “Make It Right.”

As you might already know, BTS has been teasing a collaboration with Sheeran for quite some time. Back in December 2018, Suga from BTS seemingly confirmed that a song with Sheeran was, indeed, in the works.

“Hmm... this is for you @edsheeran #SUGA,” Suga wrote in his tweet, which included a screenshot of him working on a track in some music editing software. So, that was definitely a big clue about “Make It Right.”

Way before that, Sheeran dropped a huge hint about the song back in November 2018 when he sat down for an interview with Heat World. A fan sent in a comment to the show requesting a collaboration with BTS and Sheeran responded with some behind-the-scenes info.

"I want BTS x Ed Sheeran but when will they ever," the fan wrote. Then, Sheeran responded with, "I actually wrote a song that I think they might be messing with. I heard this the other day, but yeah, I really like BTS. I think they’re great.”

So, all of those hints and hopes and speculations have led to this moment in time. As of right now, the world has only a few hours to go before BTS releases Map of the Soul: Persona. So, fans will be hearing the BTS’ collaboration with Sheeran quite soon. In the meantime, though, they’ll just have to hold on to the little details that BTS has released about the song so far.

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In the press release provided to Elite Daily, “Make It Right” is described as “delicate” and “exciting.” I wonder if that means it’s a ballad. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was since Sheeran’s involved. He’s known for his heart-melting, slow, and tender songs!

In addition to revealing bits about “Make It Right” and their lead single "Boy With Luv," the press release also highlighted other songs on the new album. Here’s how the album flows, according to the press release:

RM’s solo piece ‘Intro : Persona’ asks the fundamental question ‘Who am I?’, while ‘Mikrokosmos’ paints the world through human interest. In ‘HOME’, BTS finds refuge where their fans are. ‘Jamais Vu’ is a unit song by j-hope, Jin, Jung Kook and ‘Dionysus’ blasts signature BTS hip hop beats from start to finish.

Exciting stuff! To add to all those details, the press release also shared a heartfelt message from BTS to their fans.

“We find strength and happiness in every moment,” BTS said in the statement. “You’ve given us so much love, and now we want to get to know our fans more. We filled our album with our genuine feelings and the messages that we want to share with you.”

Wow, they’re such sweet guys! They clearly appreciate all the love they get from their fans. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for this new album!